Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gen3 Univ Yr2 Sophomores Rule

Well, our University class of 2009 is still in University. Looks like they'll stick it out some more....I'm tempted to pick my heirs and move along, but we'll stay here and see what happens.

Sophomore Makeovers:




hmmm. looks a little more goth than I'd intended.

I still hate your nose


Sylviana: look over there!
Demetrius: what? what? I don't see anything!
Sylviana: keep looking.

me: what a cheater!

Charity: ....and furthermore, according to wikipedia: The word "economy" can be traced back to the Greek word "one who manages a household", derived from οἴκος, "house", and νέμω, "distribute (especially, manage)".
me: dzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Clarissa: oh my gosh! Hilarious! I don't know about you guys but we are the weirdest herd I've ever seen.

Darius: Well, why don't they call it The Big Chill? Or The Nippy Era? I'm just sayin', how do we know it's an Ice Age?

Chastity: I still think the word is funny! Tube. Tube. sound it out: TOOOOOOB! ha ha ha ha!

Christina: Hey, my feet are sweating.

Sid: Excuthe me Thim Goddeth Tina, but you thtole a bunch of my lineth.
Clarissa: I see London, I see France....
Christina: I see my own underpants! ha ha ha ha ha! HEY! BUBBLES!

me: grody!

Chastity: it's snowing, it's snowing the old man is blowing!
me: huh?


I don't know what these two are talking about but Old Man Cook doesn't like it at all!

Sylviana: I totally almost fell out of my chair.

Clarissa and Charity are sent Downtown to find some boyzz

here's the DJ....totally distracted.

Um, you don't count.

Having a great time dancing with the robot What's Her Name. Um, that's a HER, where are the HIMZZZZ

Everybody kept rolling the want to ice skate, so off to the rink they went.
Clarissa roasts a marshmallow in the burning teddy bear.
Clarissa: the cotton filling adds a nice texture.

Bonfire dancing

Charity: hey do you want to go out for Sundays?
Sylviana: I hate ice cream!

Sylviana: Now eggs...they make me happy!
Charity: let's do breakfast.

Sylviana: I hate breakfast...and I hate spatulas.

Aribeth returns from class

Aribeth: You followed me here, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!?

Aribeth: I'll have none of that....hi-YAAAAAHHHHH

Mr. Snowman: heeeelp meeeee

Christina is the first to finish her studies in Fire Safety.
Charity: I wanna be like Christina.

Aribeth: Learnin's hard. Don'tcha know

Charity with some down time

Midterms are over

woot! woot!

Demetrius tinkering with his remote control car

Aribeth: Learnin's hard but kicking your ass is EASY!

Another makeover doesn't go so well.

Ugly Make-Up Chick: OMG! It's horrific!
(she ran away before I could stop her to fix now she's running around campus all fugly-like. ha ha ha ha!)

Chastity: I totally double dog dare you!
[Darius as an adult, narrating]: NOW it was serious. A double-dog-dare. What else was there but a "triple dare ya"? And then, the coup de grace of all dares, the sinister triple-dog-dare.
Chastity: I TRIPLE-dog-dare ya!
[Darius as an adult, narrating]: Chastity created a slight breach of etiquette by skipping to the triple dare and going right for the throat!

Darius: *sneak* *sneak* *sneak*

me: ha ha ha ha! You mundane noodle!

Chasity: Jump, jump, jump!
me: are you trying to break the couch?
Chastity: Oh NO! I'm trying to touch the ceiling with my head.
me: :o

It's Christmas time.
Aribeth checks out the tree..
Me: what do you think of it?

Aribeth: well, the tree was.......asthetically pleasing and it has the right colors, and .....

Aribeth: OMG I totally loves it!

Smustle Time!

So I'm sitting here at my computer and watching the Christmas tree, hoping to see Santa Claus and what do my eye behold? A fire. Yup.
Merry Christmas guys!

It's getting a little out of hand....I'm thinking to myself, how long can this fire really go?
Do I really wanna find out?

Nope, not really, so I have Demetrius wake up and call the FD

and then he goes into panic mode.
Demetrius: the fire is so hot! it's burning our tree and presents!
me: step back, Panic Boy.

Putting out the fire.

Turns out this was a TWO-Alarm-Fire!

New Tree

Finals are over. Whew.
Apparently we made moneyz!

Chastity: I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky.....
Aribeth: I believe Clarissa can fly.
(Aribeth totally has a girl crush on Clarissa...always thinkin' of her)

Clarissa: Look at me! I'm all Matrixy! Whaaaaaah!
Okay, then.....time to move on to the Junior year. I keep putting off selecting the three heirs...but the time is close at hand.

I'd like to thank "A Christmas Story"
and "Ice Age"for providing me with hours of entertainment this holiday season.


The Lunar Fox said...

Hahaha. Sim college is a blast. The trouble they get into.

And those Christmas trees... the first time the tree caught on fire I almost lost a sim. I've always thought the lights were beautiful, and now I'm terrified of them. XD

Emmy said...

lmao! i don't have seasons but i have university and i just graduated my first guy, Joel Peterson. it was pretty cool. do the moms always wear blue dresses to the graduation parties? idk i thought it was weird. lol. i have read almost all of the posts and that is why i got sims for PC. i had sims for PS2 but it broke so that sucked but i think PC is so much more fun. keep posting! thanks!