Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cha 2.6 Weekend Time

Hey! Welcome back to the Evan Irwin Legacy. Last time:
1. Charity and Chastity grew up into children
2. Ian Jr and Evan had an unspoken fishing competition. IanJr won.
3. Both of the twins were unhappy with their grades at school
4. There was lots of girl time
5. And I, Sim Goddess Tina, had a heart to heart about the nose issue

The weekend starts with Mr. Early Riser himself, Evan, raking the leaves up.

Faith and Charity have a game of soccer.
Sports is Charity's hobby of choice.
Charity: wooomph!

Faith: WOOT! WOOT!
me: yeah, way to go, Faith! It must be hard beating a child!

Charity's turn.
me: stretch out and kick her arse!

Faith: you'll miss me by a mile! You can't hit me!
Charity: focus....focus.....focus

Charity: *kick*

Faith: umph! Got it.

Charity: does that count?
me: I'm afraid not. You'll get her next time.

IanJr and Kirsten go on a hike. Kirsten stretches out first.
IanJr: yuh ready, yet?

Kirsten: I'm as strong as an ox...let's go!

IanJr: So, 'Dad' don't say anything, but do you remember when you wanted to pummel my head in?

IanJr: and you swore you'd hunt me down anywhere in the world?

Faith: Hey there, cowboy! Give me a kissssssss!
IanJr: 'Dad' what do you think now?
me: *snicker*

Evan: I agree with you....she'd look terrible in a hat.
me: huh? I think I missed a turn.

Charity is supposed to be studying, but . . .
Charity: that was BORING! jump, jump, jump!

Chastity plays quietly with her dolls.

IanJr: So, Chastity, do you want to join me for some TV time later?

Chastity: I don't really like TV, Dad...

Chastity: I'd rather study math.
me: *cough* hey, milk came out of my nose!

Even as old geesers, Kirsten and Evan have some "alone time"

me: keep it clean, kids.

Chastity, our little shrinking violet, burps into the microphone
Chastity: *beeeeeltch*

Chastity: ha ha ha, I . . . ha ha ha . . .am . . . . . so . . . ha ha ha . . . . funny!

Both Kirsten and Faith have rolled up "win a baking contest" several times, SOOOOO, let's head on over to Kitchen Stadium.

Faith pulls out the ingredients for her secret recipe...
me: I see milk, and I can't tell what those other containers hold....maybe we'll get a closer look.

me: in Kirsten's kitchen, she's pulling out her ingredients for her secret recipe. I see milk, eggs, is that sugar?
Random announcer: yes, Sim Goddess Tina, that's sugar.

me: Random Announcer, did you see all that Faith put into that mixture?
Random Announcer: yes, she put in milk, sugar, flour and eggs...I want to say she's making a cake or other type of dessert.

me: well, Kirsten has eight cooking points and Faith has 6, so it will be an interesting battle, for sure.
Random Announcer: yes, that's right, Sim Goddess Tina. It looks like Kirsten has some strawberries on her board there, so maybe a strawberry shortcake?
me: perhaps, we'll have to watch and see how she uses those strawberries.

me: things are heating up here in Kitchen Stadium as Faith has a very interesting mixture in a pan. I think she's heading to the oven.
Faith: yes, the oven is right.
me: oh, good I got one right.

me: and now Kirsten takes what looks like a pie
Random Announcer: Yes, Sim Goddess Tina, while you were following Faith, we watched Kirsten add her finishing touches to the crust of her Strawberry Pie.

me: it's all starting to smell very good here...swirling flavors all around.
Random Announcer: Faith is pulling her concoction out of the oven and preparing it for the judge.

me: it looks like Kirsten will get hers out just under the wire.

me: and Battle Dessert is now over! How are the contestants feeling?
Kirsten: I think I have very high chances to score big with the judge today, Sim Goddess Tina.

me: and to introduce us to the judge, let's go up to Random Announcer.
Random Announcer: We only have one judge in Kitchen Stadium today and she will be scoring based on taste, presentation and general goodness. Judge Blond Pigtails comes with several years with culinary experience herself, but there's no time to go into that now. It looks like she's waiting for two other contestants to present their desserts at the judging table.

me: It looks like you were right, Random Announcer. Kay Fancy brought some kind of fluffy looking white dessert and Blake Vu has brought what looks like fish to the dessert table. How odd.
Blake: Odd, indeed, you ninny.

me: well, now it's up to the judge...let's find out what she has to say.

Judge Blond Pigtails: This cake is moist and the frosting melts in my mouth...there's a very comforting feeling about it. I think a glass of milk would have added the perfect touch.
Faith: thank you, Judge Blond Pigtails

Judge Blond Pigtails: mmmmm. Warm strawberry pie takes me back to my summers at the lake with my cousins and grandparents. Grand-mama always made the best strawberry pie. This is almost as good.
Kirsten: well, being a grandparent, I was going for that back home feeling.

Judge Blond Pigtails: I'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be. . .
Kay: It's merrenge and cherries mixed with a little rum.
Judge Blong Pigtails: well, it's very good. It holds it shape well and the flavors dance on my tongue.

Blake: in the motorcycle club we have honey sweetened salmon as a way of eating a meal and having dessert. I hope you like it.
Judge Blond Pigtails: The mixture of honey and other spices is perfect. The crust is a little hard, but it helps preserve that very moist fish inside.

me: well, now it's time to calculate the score and find out who the winner is.

But that will have to wait for next time. Until then, happy cooking!

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