Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cha 2.6 Big Money

Welcome back to the Aeric and Atina Legacy. Where did we leave off last time?

1. Mallory had her 2nd child, Christina.
2. There was some teaching, growing and exercising
3. The family adopted a husky named Abigail
4. Clarissa grew up into a child
5. Belle was married to her college sweetheart, Max Flexor

Let's start by checking in on Braxton and RoseMarie.

RoseMarie has invited her mother-in-law, Atina, over for some lunch.
Atina looks like she's scowling...wonder what the conversation is?

RoseMarie: I'm thinking that someone of your age and height, you'd look best in a pink dress with lots of frillies.
RoseMarie: *smile*

Atina: Oh, frillies! I see! So old ladies like to wear that sh*t, huh? I'm thinking Aeric was right about you.
me: well, she seemed so nice when she was in college but she's coming across as a bit of a ding-bat as an adult.

Atina: It was so nice to meet my baby granddaughter Sylviana...I'll be back for your birthday.

Oh, how time flies! It's birthday time.
Braxton has grown his hair out and I like it a lot.
Braxton: Yeah, hi-ya, Boss...I'm too sick to come into work today . . .
me: Braxton!
Braxton: *snicker* shhhhhhhh

Braxton: yeah, I won't be able to make it today...but I'll be there tomorrow.
me: shame on you!
Braxton: Oh, Sim Goddess Tina, do you really want me to go there with you?

You're right. Moving on.
me: oh, RoseMarie, you ding-bat, you too?

RoseMarie: *tee hee hee*

Birthday Time!
Aeric and Atina made it over for the celebration.

RoseMarie: haaaaaaa! heeeeee!
me: jeez, Louise!

RoseMarie: whhhhhhhhhh

RoseMarie: here she goes!
Atina: Braxton, you look thrilled.
Braxton: learned it from you, Mom.


Confetti Burst

me: are you serious? What the freak kind of nose is that!?

Atina: Sylviana, I love you and will see you soon. Happy Birthday.
*I accidentally deleted the one with Aeric hugging Sylviana*

Sleepy time

Back at the Legacy House we find Clarissa entertaining herself.

Clarissa: whhhhhhhhhh

me: ooooo, bubbles! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Atina plays with Christina while Mallory does the crossword.
Mallory: Nine across: another word for 'copy' has seven letters.
me: hmmmmmmmmm. . . . . Imitate?
Mallory: hey! That's it! Thanks, SGT!

Meanwhile, Bastion gives Abigail a much needed bath.

It's her first and she seems to really like it.

Bastion: Good girl, Abigail!

me: yes, very good girl!
Abigail: garsh, I was a good girl!
me: Yikes! Is that a smile? Who says dogs don't smile?

Bastion heads over the mall and runs into Belle.
Belle: hey Bastion, Did you know that Aunt Sandy is here?
Bastion: I've never met Aunt Sandy. Let me pull out that voodoo doll and make us instant friends. She is my aunt, after all.
me: good call.

Bastion: Magic Voodoo Doll in my hands, make my Aunt Sandy my forever fan!

Sandy: Bastion it's so nice to meet you after all these years. I feel like we've been such great friends
me: cheater.

Clarissa went to her first day of school.
me: how was it, Clarissa?
Clarissa: let me see. . . .

Clarissa: what did I do wrong, SGT?
me: that seems to be the way it always is....don't worry.

I just had to put a picture of Clarissa up close....I just think she's so cute.

Clarissa needs some serious fun points so off to the pool she goes:

Time for homework
Bastion helps Clarissa out.

Clarissa: it's so haaAAaaard....
Bastion: have patience...we'll get the answer.

Clarissa: I hate homework...can't I just play with my friends?
Bastion: not until you're done.
me: way to be firm, Bastion.
Bastion: are you mocking me?
me: would I ever?
Bastion: yes.

Clarissa: thanks for the help, Dad. You're the best. Can Charity come over to play, now?
Bastion: for a few minutes.
me: ahhhhh, what a cute dad you make, Bastion.

Clarissa and Charity play their Mary Mack Mack Mack.....

Birthday Time

Bastion: woohoo...let's get this kid grown up!
Aeric: wooooooot!

Clarissa: all right! Woooooooot!

Atina: *smile*
me: wow, you really are a ball of emotions there, Atina.

Be careful of the head, Mallory!

Yeah, that's a good idea...pass her off!

Aeric: here we go, Christina! *throws her in the air*

me: ooooo, sparkly!


Christina the toddler is held by her grandpa Aeric.
me: ah, Aeric, you make such a cute little old grandpa.
Aeric: I was supposed to kick the bucket years ago.
me: but wasn't it worth it to live to see this day?
Aeric: hmmmmmmmm

Aeric teaches Christina to walk

Aeric: that's right, come to Grandpa.

A happy memory for both.

Christina waits to be served her din-din.

me: hello, Abigail, what do you see, girl?

oh, Clarissa is home from school...I wonder how she did today?

Clarissa: BOO-YAH!

Clarissa: SGT, I nailed it! I got an A+!

Clarissa: isn't that so exciting, Abigail? You just love to be rubbed under the chin, don't cha?
Abigail: lick, lick, lick

Abigail is a smart dog and waits for the kid to throw her food over board.

Can I just say: I LOVE DOGS!
Christina: dah-dooo

Abigail: lick, lick, lick

Christina: dah-doo!

Christina: goggy!

We'll end on that cheesy note. Next time, we'll check back in with Braxton and watch Christina grow up into a child.....until then!

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