Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cha 2.6 Glug and Gluggers

Welcome back to the Sandy LisonB Legacy.
Last time:
1. Esther was stunned that she found herself with a 2nd pregnancy
2. Aribeth grew up into a child, right before Sim Goddess Tina's eyes
3. And there was basic living: cooking, swimming, old people woohooing and drinking

With all that behind us, let's move forward.

We enter the home to find Aribeth playing in the bath tub.
me: this was your mom's favorite past time, as well.
Aribeth: hey there, Matey!

Aribeth: look over yonder! There's a wooden barricade...I wonder what kind of key it takes.
me: the door?

Aribeth: Give me the key or you'll walk the plank and go 'glug glug glug'
me: oh you're having too much fun. Live it up while you're young.

Not long afterwards we find a pregnant Esther........playing in the tub!
Esther: Oooo, the water is surrounding me! Glubity glub-glub-glub

Esther: I put in the stick and mooooooooove the boat forward! Argh!!
me: so maybe you don't grow out of it, eh?

Grandma Sandy helps Aribeth search out her hobby of choice.
Sandy's is tinkering, so they start there.

Aribeth: so what do I do?
Sandy: well, you put a house here and some trees . . .
Aribeth: what? huh? :o
Sandy: not your hobby? let's keep looking.

Aribeth: so is this a baseball game?
Sandy: uh, no. It's a video game of The Sims 3.
Aribeth: hmmmmm, not my choice, either.
Sandy: well, why don't you go outside and see what kind of creatures you can find.

Aribeth: garsh! I don't know if I like this, either.
me: a winner face, for sure.

Aribeth: hey! There's bug!

Aribeth: I could learn to like hunting bugs.
me: yes, but watch out for those nasty bees...they attack even at night!

Aribeth displays her bugs....
me: uh, those are butterflies.
Aribeth: butter - fly?

me: hey Ian, you're glowing! Sup with that?
Ian: well, I'm reading the science page, you see...and as you know it's my hobby of choice and when I get all worked up into a science frenzy, I glow.
me: mmmmm, I see....carry on, then. Science glow, my ass.

Esther: hey, Sim Goddess Tina?
me: yup!

Esther: it hurts so much!

Random Artsy Lady: What the duece? I was going to invite her to join the artsy fartsy club
me: HAH! too bad! I hate your interruptions, it's about time you get interrupted yourself!

Random Artsy Lady: Push!!! Can't somebody help this lady?
Esther: SHUT UP RANDOM BITCH! Can't you see I'm in LABORS!!???

Esther: well, that's over! We have a bouncing baby boy!

Welcome Darius
(I'll add his stats later)

Esther: Aren, do you wanna hold the baby?
Aren: naturally.
me: hey.......what's ...... going....... on ?

me: oh GAWD!
Esther: the pain is back!

Esther: froooooooooooohhhhhh
me: yeh, yeh, yeh....let's meet the kid, huh?

Esther welcomes another bouncing baby boy: Demetrius

Welcome Demetrius

Neil runs to the cabin to meet his son Darius

Twins must run in the Sandy LisonB line....first IanJr has twins, now Esther has twins.

And now it's time to create a new home on a 5X5 Legacy approved lot.
Here's the new home.

And the back

Esther bathes Demetrius before putting him down for a nap
me: that must be rather uncomfortable the way you're holding him, Esther.

Demetrius: gooooo gaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaa
me: okay, maybe he recovers reeeeeally fast.

me: hey Neil, I told you to feed Darius, then bathe him then put him to bed.
Neil: I had to bring flowers for my wife for bringing me sons.

Neil: yup, these roses go here.

me: of course! so you're proud of sons, but dumped the baby on the floor. grrrrrr

me: that's better.

Aribeth plays with the Octo-Water made by Aren
Aribeth: ok, ONE - TWO - THREE

Aribeth: GOOOOOO!

Later this is the face I get when I tell her to do her homework.
Aribeth: are you serious? Do you know who I am?

Sandy and Ian are 79 DAYS OLD! I haven't been playing them a lot cuz I don't want a visitor from the Grim.
me: play on!!! Live on!

Now that Esther is grown up with three kids, I guess it's time for a new due.
me: do you like it?
Esther: it fits me better now. Thanks!
me: well, I'll keep looking for that PERFECT hair style for you, cuz I like you, kid.

So this literally brings me up to the VERY LAST picture I have for this family, which means I have to play hopefully next week I'll have an update again, but I have NO IDEA where things lead from here. Until next time.....

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