Friday, July 4, 2008

University Gen-2 Year-3 More Initiations

Here we are again - back to see how the three families the the 3 Legacies are doing. But before we can visit Simmington University, we need to catch up with Aeric and Atina Irwin.

me: Atina, my goodness, what are you wearing?
Atina: my work attire! What else would I be wearing?

Atina: Oh my! Here I go - zipping off into elder-hood!

Atina: the weather looks frightful from this spot in the middle of the room where there's no window nearby!
Aeric: What the shit is going on! Atina, could you help me out here!?

Aeric: BAM! I reapparated here in the bathroom. I was aiming for work but since I'm here. . . .

With all the aging to elderhood, we missed Belle's farewell.
Off she goes to Simmington University to join the rest of her family.

Simmington University Year 3
Juniors: Bastion, Mallory, Faith and Esther
Sophmores: Braxton, RoseMarie and IanJr
Incoming Freshman: Belle

I moved everyone from the overcrowded dorm to a house we could now afford to build.

Mallory: ooh, look at this machine! I'm told it will beautify me!

me: yikes! I don't think that was supposed to happen!
Mallory: my face! my beautiful face!!
Wh - wh - wh - I look like a fish!
Like Dori!

Esther is at it again:
Esther: So, Belle, this is what you do! If you do it right, you'll start to float!
Belle: I totally got it! Check me out!
Braxton: Am I doing it right?
Faith: You'll get the hang of it, soon enough!

RoseMarie studies hard. She always wants to do her homework and finish her term paper. One of these days, just to mess with her, I'll have to say NO!

Bastion and Mallory hang out inside.
What a bunch of Duds! Duds, I say!

IanJr is also studying to his heart's content!
(or maybe he's just gaming)

Every morning I get this face from Braxton.
He autonomously makes the bed but never seems too happy about it.

Elvis Hair: I will pineapple slap your ass!
Braxton: what the french, Toast?

I guess this means it's Braxton's turn to be initiated into the Secret Society.
I love the sad face he makes here.

Bruce Hogan comes out to greet Braxton. He'll die soon enough, though.

While I was getting this shot of Braxton testing out the lie-detector equipment, Bruce Hogan decided to take some special cake from the cow plant!

Here's the house built for the cousins.

Ian Jr wanted
and wanted
and wanted
and wanted
to join a frat house, so I made one.

me: I HOPE you're happy, IanJr!

Belle: what the frick-hicken-doodlie is going on?

Vamsy Bitch: I'll tell you what's going on, you Spittle Stick! Shut up!
Belle: you need to calm your ass down! Seriously.

Belle: Well, I'll play along. I wanna see this castle everybody keeps talking about.
Vamsy Bitch: shut up and give me your wrists!

Double Pigtails: Like, oh my gosh, welcome to our little hideaway! You're gonna love it here!
Belle: *stare* *stare* *stare*

Double Pigtails: Hmmm, well that's done. I think I'll get that cake the cow plant is offering.

Yup! Here lie Bruce Hogan and Double Pigtails.

So while Belle was at the Secret Society Castle, she was summoned for her midterm exam.
I thought I'd send her home first and THEN send her to the test.
No such luck, she missed the test.
SO now she and all her family get the memory of her FAILING her first exam!

Belle: Maybe if I hack into the system, I can up my grade and no one will be the wiser.

Time to Slap Dance.
Every single day at least half the household have this want roll up!

Esther plays DJ

Now it's time to smustle, because after Slap Dancing comes the want to smustle.

me: Belle, get inside and study!

me: I see you hiding behind Faith.

RoseMarie: Who are you calling a Cootie Queen, you Lint Licker!

Vamsy Bitch strikes again. You think you're so tuff!

RoseMarie is greeted by Mallory Kosmokos

Year End Pictures

Braxton and RoseMarie - Sophomores

IanJr and Faith - Sophomore / Junior

Belle and Esther - Bestest of friends - Freshman / Junior

Bastion and Mallory - Juniors

Esther celebrates passing her finals by jumping on the couch.
Check out her flip-itty-flip!

IanJr: Dude, if I'm going to be in hand cuffs, I want there to be a HOT-ILICOUS woman involved.

Mallory: Do I count as the HOT woman you were wanting?
IanJr: *stare* *stare* *stare*

We have a toga party and Sim Godess Tina forgets to take any pictures. But she doesn't miss this priceless moment!
Braxton heads over to the fireworks and lights up the wick!
Explosion in his face!

Braxton: I was betrayed by this. . . . this. . . . lighter!

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