Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sandy LisonB Legacy Chapter 1.3

We last left Sandy in intense labor so let's jump right back in!

Meet Ian Jr.

The cuzins come over to play - Braxton and Bastion.
Esther: So you're Bastion, huh? We're, like, the same age, you know.

Bastion holds Ian Jr.
Esther: peek-a-boo! Ian Jr. look at me, peek-a-boo!

Ian plays with his son after working out.

Ian: pbfft! pbfftt!
Ian Jr: *giggle* *giggle*

The tomato garden

Esther: glug, glug, glug!

Esther: what's over yonder!?
me: Arg, matie!

Birthday time: Ian Jr grew up and I almost missed it AGAIN!

Sandy: thanks for visiting me, Atina. Here, have some tomatoes from my garden.
Atina: mmm, thanks. Aeric will eat them

Ian Jr drinks Smart-Milk...learn, kid, learn!

Sandy: My fingers are glued together, but that doesn't meean I can't tickle you!
Ian Jr: me no likey the claw

Ian Jr: No CLAW!

Sandy: Atina sure liked the tomatoes I gave her....I'll pick some more.

Ian Jr's bath time.
(Now that I really know how to manipulate the game's camera, this picture would be COMPLETELY different)

Sadness. Waking up from naps always is a bit disappointing, kid.

Ian holds his son who I'm disappointed to discover has a flat nose, or is it 'doze'

Esther playing her SSX Tricky

Birthday time: We'll start with Esther.

Sandy ISN'T chearing for Esther. She loves Ian Jr better, aparently.

That's right, Esther, you just grow up into your hotness.

Esther: here we go!

Bam! I'm blinded by the light!

Ian Jr's turn.

Ian: blows out the candles

cute Esther as a teenager (Ian Jr in the background)

Ian Jr, still has a flat nose (doze) and looks like a friggin hoodlum!

Esther: glug, glug, glug!

Esther: swim, swim, swim

Cute teen time is over.
Esther: I'm a depressive teen now! All is darkness and gloom. mmmmm, pasgetti!
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become a Criminal Mastermind
Turn On #1: Fitness
Turn On #2: Hats
Turn Off: Stink

Ian Jr: jump. . . .

Ian Jr: jump

Ian Jr: I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine, and he will be my squishy. Come 'ere Squishy, come 'ere little Squishy.

Hugs for helping with the snowman.

The new house:

AND here is where we leave the family. Stay tuned for when Ian Jr grows into a teeanger - will he lose that lovely flat doze? The family takes a vacation and brings home an unexpected guest and Esther goes to college.

Evan Legacy Chapter 1.3

We last left Evan and his family with Evan recieving quite the beauty treatment at some beginner's spa.

Evan decides (and I help 'prompt' him) to sit in Ginger's chair to fix the forgetable chick's work.

Ginger works hard.

. . . . and fails.
Our first glimpse of her work is . . . . *snicker* . . . . shall we say: interesting.

Evan: What is this filthy bull sh*t!?
Ginger: sit back down and I'll fix it back. I like it, but to each his own.

Ginger: fix, cut, snip, whirring sounds

Ginger: good as new! Back to where we started
Evan: NOT what I had in mind. GTF away from me!

Evan: look at this disaster!

Evan heads home to bathe and rid himself of the bad spa memory
Kirsten: YIKES. What happened to you?

Evan: I don't look like an elephant, so don't even say it!

Evan: Well the bath didn't wash the heavy clown makeup off, but the hard water in this sink sure did the trick!

Evan takes Faith out for her tween makeover.
How could you bring her to Ginger?

Ginger: whir, snip, cut

Faith: What is this! You . . . . this is outrageous!
*sob* how can I face my friends?

Some random hot teen chick comes over and they are instant friends (what is that?)
Random Blond: you don't look that bad. You're blonde, and blondes never look bad!

Faith: That's right, evil Sim God, I'm blonde and hot and suddenly fine with this whorish makeup!

yeah, well I'm not, so Ginger, do it right this time.

Ginger: Now you look ready to become a teenager!

Faith: I'm blonde and hot!

Evan and Faith spend some daddy-daughter time together roller skating.
(this would be fun to see in real life, actually)

Faith attempts her first pirouette . . . .

And succeeds in life! (I hate her!)

Evan: Well, look what I can do. . . .

Evan: STOP! BAM!

Birthday time

Faith: Damn! I'm a hot blonde teen!
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Wealth
LTW: Become the Law
Turn On #1: Black Hair
Turn On #2: Hard Worker
Turn Off: No Job, ya bum, get a job!

Evan: my arm hurts and seems stuck in this very efeminate position!

Hours later, taking Hope for a walk, it's still there. *tee hee hee* stupid glitches.

New House:

Here we leave the Evan family. When we next rejoin this fun family, we'll see what new adventures they find - because it ALWAYS find them. And will Evan's arm stay in that sweet position for the rest of his Sim life!?