Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cha 2.5 Daughters of Bastion

Welcome back and thanks for reading. I've had a lot going on and wasn't able to make an update...but all is well and here we are again with the Aeric and Atina Legacy.

Where we are:
1. Mallory is pregnant with her 2nd child.
2. Clarissa had a birthday and became a child.
3. Sim Goddess Tina was shocked to discover a BLOND Clarissa
3. We caught up with Braxton and RoseMarie - counterfeiters, new baby (Sylviana)
4. Aeric loves his granddaughter Clarissa after all and taught her to walk
5. We left with Mallory flagging me down.

me: Yes, Mallory? How may I be of assistance?
Mallory: Labor! Pain! *hiss*

Mallory: oh, nooboo! nooboo!
me: and what will this one be named?
Mallory: Meet Christina
Atina: whew! I didn't think she was gonna make it.
me: oh, Atina, you were no where NEAR the action - you can't possibly be aware of Mallory's pain!

The men come to meet baby Christina.
Bastion: hi little Nooboo.

Atina: Welcome, Little Nooboo!
Christina: *giggle*

Cute Clarissa loves her toys.

Mallory plays with Clarissa
Clarissa: *giggle* *giggle*

Look at that smile!
Atina loves to exercise and does it on her own

Atina cuddles her granddaughter Clarissa

Atina teaches Clarissa a nursery rhyme.

Atina loves her granddaughter Christina

Christina: *clum* *klah*

me: whatcha doing Mallory?
Mallory: HI-YA! I need to lose this baby weight!

Mallory makes some lemonade to cool down.

Bastion plays with Clarissa

Mallory: I DID IT!
me: congratulations, Mallory!

Sim Goddess Tina decided the family needed a dog, so we adopted a husky.
(big shocker)
Meet Abigail
Adult Female Husky
Genius X x x Doofus
Hyper x X x Lazy
Independent x x X Friendly
Aggressive X x x Cowardly
Pig Pen x X x Finicky

Bastion takes to Abigail who loves her new home

Aeric plays with Abigail
Not unlike the real world.

Abigail is spoiled with a Cleopatra-esk doggy bed.
Abigail: *zzzzzzzz*

Atina also naps in her window Cleopatra-esk chair.

Birthday Time
Time for Clarissa to become a child

Bastion: Yes!! One kid down! One few child with diapers.

Aeric: woohoo! *clap-clap-clap*

Mallory: tee heeeeeee!

Atina: ::stare::
me: you look thrilled
Atina: I'm happy but don't want to make a fool of myself with an extreme reaction.

Mallory: You go, girl!
Clarissa: I've seen the light and made a switch to childhood

Clarissa: check my fingers out! I'm GORGEOUS!!

na-night! sleepy time.

Christina stats:
Sign: Saggittarius
Neat: 0 points
Outgoing: 8
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 7

Clarissa seems nervous about her first day of school.
Sign: Sagittarius
Neat: 2 (I previously said she had none, but she has two)
Outgoing: 9
Active: 10
Playful: 8
Nice: 6
Hobby of Choice: Fitness
We'll leave this family, for now.
Have fun at school, Clarissa.

It's time to catch up with Belle....yes, you remember her, don't you?
Belle has finished college and has invited her boyfriend Max Flexor over.

Belle makes herself Grandma's soup....did she know her grandma?

Belle's mom, Atina, comes over for a visit.
me: Belle, you don't seem too excited to see your mother.
Belle: oh, hello, mother.

Time for Max Flexor to grow up and leave college behind.

The taxi is here to take Max to the grown up world.
Max: bummer...I wanted to live out eternity in University and be forever young.
me: Too bad. You fell in love with Belle and she fell in love with you. This is the consequence.

Belle: We're grown up! We're grown up!
Max: We're grown up! We're grown up!
me: yup, and your maturity shines through.

Marriage Time
The guests:
Mitch is Max's best friend.
You can see Faith at the back; Braxton and RoseMarie must have a baby sitter.
Who invited the stranger Delilah O'feefe?

Aeric and Atina sit together like many old married couples, staring forward.
Bastion and his wife, Mallory sit together
A pregnant Esther sits at the very back.

Wedding Bells Play

Belle becomes the wedding entertainment.

Mitch and Max look a bit stoned as they watch Belle.

Look! A happy wedding party makes a happy memory!

Such a sweet and cute little couple!
We will watch their careers and life with interest, yessss we will Preciousssssss.

This is all for now. Next time we will catch up with Braxton and RoseMarie and see how their family with Sylviana is doing. We'll also continue to watch Clarissa and Christina grow up and hopefully find some adventure along the way.

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