Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Beginning: Three Families, Three Legacies Prologue

I am a HUGE Sims fan (along with several million other people around the world). 60% of Sims players are female - 50% of those female players are adult women. So, I'm not alone in my weekend obsession. I usually play on the weekends and sometimes for a few hours throughout the week. Allergies keep me indoors and TV is just not that exciting when I can play a Higher Being in my sims lives.

I should preface my legacies by saying that I started off in college prior to having read the legacy University rules - so I have two founders for the Irwin Eric Legacy (Tina). I couldn't have this legacy without having family join in, so Eric brought his brother Evan and Tina brought her sister Sandy. (see the rules at:

The Eric and Tina Legacy will have names that follow the alphabet: thus the respelling of Eric to Aeric and Tina to Atina - the "A Generation."
I didn't start these three families with any real thought to the plot of the story. I have to say that I don't plan on really including any dramatic writing skills here. A lot of legacy sim writers have a lot of soap opera drama included for one picture. That's not how I play. It's just me having fun with my simmies and sharing in their joyous (and maybe a few not so joyous) moments. And looking back through my pictures, it's funny to add my little captions.

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