Friday, May 23, 2008

Aeric & Atina Legacy Chapter 1.3

We last saw this family with Bastion telling a toddler Braxton about the exciting fire in the back yard.

Rejoining the family we welcome Belle into the family. Braxton is crying his head off in the crib and Aeric came to assist Atina. She doesn't seem especially thrilled, however.

Bithday time for Braxton.
Bastion stalks the party.

Woot! Woot!

Atina: whuuuuu - blowing out the candles
Bastion: stalk, stalk, stalk.

Shake that fanny and grow up already!

Braxton: I've seen the light of growing up!

Ah! Isn't this precious! A cute little family!

Wowe! That was quick - it's Belle's birthday already. Yup, that's what happens when you're kid #3 - no pictures!

*Glitch* I tried and tried, but never could make it into the house for blowing out candles after this glitch.
Damnit, I'm the Sim God and what I say should go! Stupid computer *grumble* *grumble*

Another birthday: Bastion is becoming a teen!

Bastion: Mom, help. Help, Mom. (*tee hee hee* Changeling)

Atina: happy birthday. Here's my gift for you
Bastion: oh, yeah.
Nice outfit, Bastion.
You won't get beat up at school for that sh*t at all!
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Family (rolled 3)
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Turn On: Red Hair
Turn Off: Glasses (you know, Sim God wears glasses)

New House - no boolprop cheats either!

Master Bedroom

Main Floor


Back yard (I ended up getting rid of that patio in the middle of the pool - my simmies hated it)
(I mean you try to do something nice, and they hate it *sob*)

So no boolprop cheat, but Aeric did some counterfeiting to help us get monies for the new house.
I didn't get the shot, but he looked pretty evil and actually laughed an evil laugh while making the money.

Atina: kids, just eat your food and ignore Dad's evilness from upstairs. It's what is feeding you this meal.

Braxton and Bastion play video games together. They love eachother - for reals. No fighting, no evil thoughts of eachother. They always have a (+) interaction.

Bastion with some chick from school. I can't remember her stalker's name.
She calls him EVERY DAY, though.
(Hi, is Bastion there? Hi, is Bastion there? Hi, is Bastion there? Hi, is Bastion there? BITCH, find a new person to stalk!)

Bastion (family sim) has a girlfriend almost immediately! This is Elizabeth Ng.
Bastion: I heart you!
Elizabeth: I heart you, too!
Stare, stare, stare!

Oh, Belle, I didn't forget your sleeping cuteness!

Belle: you did forget my panda bear cuteness. it makes me sad.

Belle: and I'm gonna scream about it! WAIL!

Belle's birthday is today - so I had to get her playing with something toddler-ish. Her jack-in-the-box - which her playfulness LOVED. She laughed her cute sim laugh.

So here we end this non-eventful chapter. It was more of a clean the house chapter so next time we'll catch Belle growing up (*more glitches*) More girls for Bastion and possibly college.

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