Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gen3 Univ Yr1 Freshmen Meat

Yippee! Generation 3 FINALLY made it to college.
Good night, nurse! This is taking me longer than I thought it would, but here we are.

Let's start off with the Freshman makeovers:

Daughter of Esther.
Granddaughter of Sandy.

Twin of Demetrius.
Son of Esther.
Grandson of Sandy.
Twin of Darius.
Son of Esther.
Grandson of Sandy.

Daughter of Bastion
Granddaughter of Aeric and Atina

Daughter of Bastion
Granddaughter of Aeric and Atina

Twin of Chastity
Daughter of Faith
Granddaughter of Evan

Twin of Charity
Daughter of Faith
Granddaughter of Evan

Daughter of Braxton
Granddaughter of Aeric and Atina

Sylviana: I'm kinda nerdy, so I'll jump into my first term paper.

Clarissa: So, like, there he was and my parents were trying to convince him to let us in to private school....
Sylviana: *stare*

Sylviana brought a ballet bar that RoseMarie earned through work.
Christina is less than graceful.

Christina: oh, garsh, should I move the pawn here?....or maybe here?.....
me: you're playing against yourself, so just move it.

Skillin' Party
Where's Charity?

Charity is makin' musack

Christina: oh my garsh, oh my garsh, darns it all!
me: what? what is it?

Charity: boooooo! You suuuuuck!!
me: what are you two talking about?!

me: ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Llama Mascot: That's right, Cow Bitch, I kicked your ass with my 10 body points
Cow Mascot: oh...this sucks.

Aribeth: so, like, I was, like, gonna, totally, ha ha ha ha ha ha. I lost my train of thought.

Clarissa: OMG, you are too lost your train of thou....hey this bubble blower is green. . . . ha ha ha ha

Chastity: You both are trippin'....ha ha ha ha....look at this is a funny word! ha ha ha ha ha

Darius: I think I need to blow the bubbles harder.

All four are blowin' bubbles . . . ha ha ha ha
Chastity: hey I can see the ground from

Clarissa: Allow me to give you a makeover in the tradition of my lineage.

Clarissa: dude, you have to cover up that mug!

Clarissa: see, you're so much better now that I can't see your face.
Makeover-ee: This is awesome. Maybe I'll get a chick now!

Online war games produce Charity as the winner.
Me: Sylviana, maybe you should find something you're good at.
Sylviana: Sim Goddess Tina, you can be such a bitch.

me: woe! Charity! Where are you going in your bathrobe?
Charity: I have midterms in an hour. I don't have time to change.
me: but you do!

Charity: I got an A and some more scholarship money.
me: did you flash your professor some skin?

The remaining members of the dorm managed to get to their early morning midterms fully clothed.

Demetrius: YOU are cheating!
Sylviana: I don't know what you are talking about! Hey there's another big spider coming toward you!

Demetrius: I will not look this time, you Cheater!

Charity is by herself again - she's a bit antisocial

Christina reaches up for fireflies

Christina: *sigh* I didn't catch anything.

Aribeth: let me show you how it's done.

Aribeth: prettyyyyyyy

Christina then was able to catch some for herself.

Demetrius's first date

(you may remember Robin Trimble from when Generation 2 was here at this University. She was given a makeover by Belle)

The date starts off innocently enough. Dancing.

Which leads to a romantic first kiss for Demetrius.

Demetrius: I'm gonna show her how amazing I really am!

Demetrius: *gasp*
me: tee hee hee

What a cute new little couple. They've clearly hit it off.

me: Hey wait a minute! What were you two doing in there?

Demetrius: woohoooo! that was awesome!
me: woohoo? you didn't!

Demetrius: hey, baby, this has been one romantic evening, but I gotta get back to the dorm.

Robin: I'm falling for Demetrius so I'll leave him roses.
me: hey! What about a stereo? or a new recliner? or something big!

Charity gets her chocolate fix - alone.

Charity: I like being alone.
me: this behavior won't make you the heir. You gotta show some initiative to meet people.

Chastity has a date with, what's his name?
Chastity: his name is Vince Jalowitz.
me: oh, nice du there, Vince.

Pillow fights will always win points on a date.

So will touching eachother romantically over a plate of rotten pancakes.
mmmmm, delish!

but all that leads up to the first kiss for Chastity, who's showing promise to being the heir.

More "bubble blowing" time.

Christina: hey Sim Goddess Tina, I love bubbbblless. *giggle* I mean, bublebeles. ha ha ha ha. I mean, bubblblbs. ha ha ha ha ha

Darius: you are too funny, Christina. Oh my gosh, I'm blind! I can't see!
me: your eyes are closed, silly.
Darius: oh...ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Sylviana: hey someone else has put their face to this tube! tube. tube. tube. ha ha ha ha. That's a funny word. tube.
me: oh boy.

We end the freshman year with cookster, here, starting a fire in the kitchen . . .

And everyone panics.
I guess it's time to have them all learn about fire safety.
See you Sophmore year.

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