Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cha 3.3 Life in the Fast Lane

Welcome back to the Evan Irwin Legacy!

In our last update, heir #3: Chasity, had just had twin girls, Felicity and Harmony - which was quite a shock to Sim Goddess Tina.

Let's jump in where we left off, shall we?

Serenity learns a nursery rhyme. I love to have the toddler sing it while I have someone making the pumped-up-milk so that the toddler doesn't have an urge to go play in the toilet or something random.

ahhhhh, Vince bathes little Felicity.

Chastity: *SMILES* I rock! I'm home from work! I rock!
Me: *cancel action and put Serenity in the crib*
Chastity: I rock! I'm home from work and I rock!
Serenity: zzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzz

Serenity: *yaaawwwnnnn*

Serenity: TIE-YODE!

Serenity: mmmm, cwayon.
me: OMG - wash out her mouth, ASAP! Poison! LOL! (that's for you, Kirsten)

Birthday time!


Harmony: yeggs in da lite

Felicity: pwitty

Oops! Serenity is now a child...sorry kid.

Serenity - cute child.

learnin' to talk

learnin' to walk

Too many hauntings keep waking up my poor simmies in the middle of the night, so it's time to say goodbye to the tombstones on the premesis. Off to the cemetary with all of you!

Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Felicity must have the "pick me up" programmed to her because she's always being picked up and just held.

Faith: *she looks just like me*
Serenity: *jump* *jump* *jump*

cute Harmony as a toddler. . . .

. . . YIKES! but she inherited that WRETCHED nose!

Felicity as a toddler. (she's literally a clone of Serenity!)

Serenity: what else goes in to the muffin? hmmmm...Jelly beans are perfect.

um, that's a mighty big muffin! It's as big as her head!


Bubbly time

Serenity's first day of school

I love that face! LOL!

Chastity: carry the one...

Harmony: nom nom nom nom

Serenity: I rock!
me: you are your mother's daughter

Felicty: *my G-pa is awesome*
um this is your G-MA not G-PA

Harmony skillin'

Bday time again

Serenity: *aaaahhhhhhh*
me: is that good? bad? are you screaming?

IanJr: aaaaahhhhhhh

Harmony looks a tiny bit evil in this she is going to be a terror.

Chasity: whhhhh

So not really a story, so much as just pictures of the family's progress. Next update: we'll see them off to college? or at least high school.

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