Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cha 2.9b Dreadful Aliens!

We're back to the Aeric/Atina Legacy. In the last chapter, the girls were admitted into private school. The butler was a terrible example of abusing the fire department.

Here we join Atina, who is glowing as she maxes out her interest in her chosen hobby (tinkering).
me: Garage Dude, leave us in peace!!

First (and only) day in private school. Clarissa looks happy.
Christina: I had a good day, too.

After days of hard work (and near bladder explosions), Atina finishes her project.
Atina: tada!

Meet the family robot: Igraynia
Atina: where'd we come up with that name?
me: "we" had it on a list of potential legacy names and it fit.
Igraynia: *tweeka* *twacka* *twuuka* My Name is Igraynia

Birthday Time


Aeric: yeah!
Atina: *smiles*

Christina: whhhhhhhhh

Christina: who are you?
Igraynia: *tweeka* *twacka* *twuuka* My Name is Igraynia


Aeric: what the shit is that floozy outfit?

Makeover for Christina

I forgot her stats. That will have to come later.

Igraynia makes snapdragons.
I can't wait to see the affect.

Aeric maxes out his interest in science.

Mad Scientist: We're so glad you maxed out. Congratulations.
Aeric: thanks for the congrats, but did you have to interrupt my star studies?
Igraynia: hey, I can like science, too.

Atina: Hey there, Sim Goddess Tina.
me: *hearts* She's 79 days old.

me: oh, Aeric, not again.

Aeric: hey, wait a minute!
Aeric: OMG! A space ship! With an ALIEN!

Aeric: Oh, GAWD! Not again!

Atina: it's so loud!
me: yes, Atina you're the one being inconvenienced most here.

The space ship is back.
Aliens: *wocka* *shake* *wocka* *shake* *wocka* *shake*

Aeric comes flying out.

Aliens: STOP calling us!
Aeric: Please just leave.

This mean old lady, who I've never seen before, knocked over the garbage can.
Mean Old Lady: ha ha ha ha ha! Look at the garbage there on the ground.

I decided to send Atina over for a confrontation.
Abigail: see ya! good luck, Atina.
Atina: do you have a problem, Mean Old Lady!?

Old lady "fight"!
Lots of huffing and puffing and arm flying, but nothing more.
booo! Atina would have kicked her arse!
It's been a while since we checked in on Braxton's family, so while the old ladies huff and puff it out, let's see what's going on.

Sylviana is a star pupil.

Braxton fulfilled his LTW (Become a professional party guest)

The two over achievers hug their congratulations.

Oh, look at what we have here.
Kent Corsillo
(you may remember he robbed the founding generation in college)

Sylviana: uh, yeah, I think we're going to be robbed, will you send the police?

Kent: Excellent! They'll never have any idea that I was here until I'm gone.

Little does Kent know, but the Police is already here. . . .

Kent runs into Sylviana's room, where she was hiding out......creepy!

Panic hits Braxton and RoseMarie.
Braxton (from his own bedroom): Get out of my daughter's bedroom you scoundrel!
RoseMarie: OMG, OMG, OMG, what are we going to do!?!?

RoseMarie: O-MY-GAWD! The jewelry is safe!

Kent: you told them to call the police!?
me: Yes. Yes I did.

Policeman: here I am to save the day!

Sylviana: there's going to be a fight, huh?
me: *grin*

Police: that's right, bitch, let's begin this thing! *slap*
me: ohhhhhhh! that's gotta hurt!

Police: This is called a TAKE DOWN!

RoseMarie: boooooo! You suuuuuck!
me: oh, yeah, real brave now, eh? I remember your panicked moment only a couple of seconds ago.
RoseMarie: I don't know what you're talking about. Booooooo!

Mr Police Man won that round.

Birthday Time!
Sylviana: my wish already came true when Kent went down

Sylviana: whhhhhhhhhh

Braxton & RoseMarie: wooohoooo!


Sylviana: hey, I'm a teenager, now.


Forgot the stats. And I forgot to load the pics of her calling the University to leave this crazy house.
Sylviana: you forgot the pictures?
me: yeah. ooops.
Sylviana: a lot of good that "ooops" does me.
Back at the Aeric/Atina Legacy House:
Clarissa calls the University.

Mallory: see ya Clarissa.
Bastion: you're gonna let her go, just like that?

Clarissa goes to college.

Christina's turn to call.

The whole family shows up to say good bye.

Christina is off to college.
The next entry will be in college with all the young adults together.

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