Friday, September 26, 2008

Cha 2.7 Move Along

It's time to return to the Evan Irwin Legacy, where I will begin my update this week. First, let's recap:
1. Evan met Kirsten in college, they were married and had one child: Faith
2. Faith and Ian met in college, they were married and had twins: Charity and Chastity
3. Charity and Chastity have large shnozz's that will need to be fixed in college - sorry, but it's true
4. Faith and Kirsten faced off in Kitchen Stadium and we're waiting for the results from the judge, so let's get to it. . . .

me: It looks like Judge Blond Pigtails has tallied the scores and made a decision.
Random Announcer: indeed she has, Sim Goddess Tina (SGT).
Judge Blond Pigtails: All of the entrants made very tasty desserts and the decision was very hard for me but for taste and presentation, the winner is . . .

Judge Blond Pigtails: Kirsten's Strawberry Pie
Faith: *gasp*

Kirsten: that's right, beetches! I'm the best, I'm the best, I'm the bestest of you all!
me: um, huuuumillliiiiityyyyyyy

Unison: we hate you! Wait until the parking lot.

Faith: well, if it wasn't going to be me, it should be you. Congrats, Mom!
Kirsten: dooo-do-dooo
me: are you listening?

Kirsten and Faith high-tail it out of there pretty quick.

Charity and Chastity play in a pile of leaves - a fun filled fall day

Esther and Neil come over to catch up with IanJr and Faith

Faith: can you believe how fast time flies?

Esther: yeah, it feels like we just finished college.

IanJr: it was nice to see you again.
Neil: you should come by our place.

Esther and IanJr hug a brother/sister hug.

Faith: Sim Goddess Tina, what do you think of my game face .... grrrrr
me: whoa! Scary!

Chase's little ghost comes back to dig in the yard; he just walked around, dug holes that didn't stay and finally went back to his eternal home.

Ian teaches Stormy to shake

Chastity gets her A+ - Yippeee

Looks like Charity is still struggling.
Charity: my teacher hates me, yeah, that's the ticket.

Faith achieves her LTW: Become the Law
Faith: Hey, Red, I reached eternal happiness, where are you on your path?

Faith: Congrats to me!
IanJr: Whoa, give a guy some warning before you jump into his arms.

Chastity: I love baseball, don't you, Aribeth and Charity?

me: it wasn't like she asked an odd question like: Don't you love playing with balls?

So I loved this moment because Game Club Leader, Makoto Travor walks right on into the house to invite Charity to join the club and she won't be interrupted.
me: Yeah!! Take that, Makoto!!!

me: Chastity, what are you doing?
Chastity: jumping on Gramma and Granpa's bed. *heeeeeee*

Chastity and Charity go shopping
Chastity: Charity, did you know we have a Grandma Sandy?
Charity: Dad has mentioned her before...we should meet her.

me: We're back from shopping. . .Charity, what's wrong?

me: Chastity, you too? what's wrong?!

me: well, hello, Grim, what are you doing here?
Grim: Stormy.

Evan: not my Stormyyyyyy
Kirsten: this is too much, I have to walk away.

Grim: Stormy, let's play fetch.
Stormy: *pant*

The three tombstones: Chase, Hope and now Stormy

Now that Faith is 'The Law' she has a fantastic ride.

After three dogs, it's time for a kitten.
Meet Omni, male kitten.
Genius X x x Doofus
Hyper x X x Laxy
Independent X x x Friendly
Aggressive x X x Cowardly
Pig Pen x x X Finicky

Omni plays with his toy bird

So Chastity's hobby is sports and I send her to the soccer net all the time, BUT she's still chubby! I don't get it.

Kirsten meets and greets Omni.

Look how little tiny he is. . . cutsie!

me: Considering you don't do so hot in school, I'm surprised you're smiling.
Charity: I love school, it just doesn't love me back.
me: oh, I see.

Chastity loves her school!

Faith gets a makeover.

me: a-hem! aren't you 'little' chilly?!

Kirsten is blogging about tinkering and maxes out her interest
ooooo, gloweeee

The twins bring home friends and have a snowman making contest.
Charity is making hers with Isaiah Gavigon
Chastity is with Gabriella Newson

oooo! nice job! The evil Snowman!

Classic snowman! Now kick 'em over!

Well, we're FINALLY at birthday time for the girls! (thank goodness!)
Charity gets ready to blow out her candles

Chastity is ready to blow out her candles.

Next time we'll see the twins blossom into teenagers - and we won't take this long to get to the next bday, that's for sure!! We gotta get this legacy moving!

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