Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cha 2.2 Give Me The World

The last time we were with the Sandy LisonB legacy, Esther moved back home from college and was soon engaged to Neil Gonzaga.

There's no need to delay. It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the weddign of Esther McAuley and Neil Gonzaga.

The guests arrive. You can see that Mallory is pretty pregnant. Faith, however, is not because this is pre Faith pregnancy.

Swoon and sway.

Neil: this ring is a token of my affections and forever and undying love.

Esther: This ring signifies my love for you through all that there is to come in our life.

Esther: Oh, Neil.
Neil: Oh, Esther.
*kiss* *kiss* *mu-wah*

The guests enjoy a nice wedding meal.
Here we have Faith, Belle, Gina (Esther's good friend) and IanJr

Esther and Neil are joined by Sandy and Braxton

Bastion, Mallory and Atina eat together. Looks a bit awkward, don't you think?

Ian and Aeric compare suits and find they had the same tailor who gave them an "original."
Ian: I'll sue
Aeric: no, I'll sue

The group dances the Smustle.
me: Hey, nice digs, Faith!

Atina and Sandy hug. Wonder-Twin Power!

Ian is caught off guard by a sudden beam light that sucks like a hoover from the sky.

Ian: you won't get me!
(he hung on FOREVER)

Wedding night.
Lullaby, and good night.
Generation 3 is just around the corner.

The ship returns to the house

Sandy: the aliens are so loud!

Ian doesn't look too upset.
Me: how are you handling your experience, Ian?

Ian: *mu-wah* It's so good to be on solid ground.

Ian: I'll track them down and give them a piece of my mind
me: literally? you're just gonna hand over you mind?
Ian: you know, Sim Goddess Tina, I don't have to put up with your crap. I'm old and was just abducted by aliens.
me: *hangs head in shame* you're right. Sorry.

Esther blogs about her games.

Aren sleeps.

Neil: hey there, Sim Goddess Tina, how you doing?

hmmm, does a costume help out in the bedroom?

Looks like it. Ewe!

Esther: hey! You cheated!
Neil: Garsh
me: I wouldn't cross her hormonal being, if I was you, Neil.

Aren big bear hugs IanJr on a visit.

Esther: ugh, am I prego?

Esther looks pretty shocked

Esther: I've thought a lot about it. This kid is going to play the violin.

Esther: yup, the violin.

I love Sandy's look. I'm not sure what happened, but it's hilarious.

Neil: yom, yom, yom, yom.

Ian as an elder.

Ian and Sandy are taking a nice retirement vacation.

Way to make the old lady sit on the floor, you locals!

hey! You're here! I'm not sure why I'm surprised but I am.

Mr. Charlatan comes for a visit, but doesn't target either Sandy or Ian.

Ian gets a massage. The instruction looks a bit sexual in nature.

Sandy does some souvenir shopping

Ian: I wish . . .

Ian: I wish for a perfect grandchild

Sandy and Ian enjoy a soak in the tub.

Sandy finds an imaginary starfish - invisible, at least.

Sandy and Ian make a sandcastle together.

They watch a fire show

Time to go home.

That was a fast vacation. When they get home, we will welcome the third generation.

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