Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cha 2.4 Spam-A-Lot

When last we caught up with the Sandy LisonB legacy,
1. Sandy was elderly and sleepy
2. Esther had her first child, Aribeth
3. Ian was accepted to the Science Society
4. Aren was looking for aliens to expand his life's experiences
5. Lots of stalking of the baby Aribeth

And the stalking continues:
First, Neil feeds Aribeth

Then Esther holds Aribeth and talks to her

Then Ian keeps her on the rug behind him while he blogs
Aren watches her sleep.
Aren: NO, you have it wrong. I'm making sure she's breathing.
me: in others words: STALKING her.

Birthday Time!

Neil: bwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Aribeth grows into a toddler

Esther starts teaching her to be self sufficient right away.
Esther: come to mama. We'll skip the crawling.

Aribeth wakes up a bit fussy, and can you blame her? Her teeth are stuck in her chin! I'd be complaining, too.

oh, they went back! whew!
Aribeth: screeeeeeeeam
interpreted: stop making fun of me

After some screaming, she settles down.
Here is some Aribeth spam:

Aribeth gets a bath (and a makeover)

Atina comes over for a dinner visit.
Atina: . . . . so the head alien told Aeric not to contact them again. I think he's writing down some secret instructions for the kids, though. He's been hiding in the office, lately.

Esther gets distracted when going to pick up Aribeth for a bottle.

Aribeth, I hope you take after your mother and not your father.

Aren starts teaching a nursery rhyme to Aribeth
Ian: HEY!! STOP!!

Ian: that is in MY wants panel
me: :o
Ian: sing, sing a song
Aribeth: ing ong

Aren: ::grumble:: fine I'll make her a summer toy...she'll grow up soon enough and play with it and love ME!

The happy couple.
me: I'm still having issues with that nose. I'm sure it's gonna haunt me.

Aren loves his Aribeth

Aribeth: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Sandy loves to I sent her in to fix a leaky faucet.

I love that she's biting her lip in concentration of the task.

Aribeth NAILED that classic LisonB look
Aribeth: uhhhhhhhh

Aren has never made a snow angel.
me: you should go and do it!
Aren: I won't get hurt?
me: just follow my instructions and you'll love it.

me: Neil, what did you do!
Neil: Nothing. I've been just standing here with my back to the kitchen.

Weeeer! weeeer! weeeer!
The firetruck shows up pretty fast.

Here's the firelady.

Firelady: Here I come to save the day!
Neil: ::whistle::
me: Don't pretend that nothing is going on.

me: NEIL! what are you DOING!
Neil: well that mysterious fire made me stink something feirce, so I'm washing it away. What's wrong with that?
me: what wrong with that. well:
1. you're in the kitchen and you have two bathrooms in this house, neither of which is being used.
2. Look at the filthy sponge! You're not going to clean anything.

Sandy studies her train set.

Aribeth drinks some Smart Milk to get to skillin'

me: oh, Esther, you're such a kid at heart.

I just liked this cute picture of Aribeth.

Sandy takes Aribeth to the Toddy-Potty to complete her potty training

Esther: Sim Goddess Tina, somthing's not quite right.....can we talk?
me: well, of course, we can talk......but it will have to wait for the next chapter.

That will do it for now. Thanks for reading.

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