Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cha 2.3 You Complete Me

When we last visited the Evan Irwin Legacy, Faith and IanJr were taking their vows:

Evan: what the hell is this happy horse shit!?
Kirsten: Oh, this is a happy day. *clap* *clap* *clap*

Evan: I'll put on a happy face.
Faith and IanJr are now officially hitched from a not-so-secret back yard wedding.
All that's missing is daddy's shot gun.

IanJr: Please, sir, don't kill me.

Evan: Kill you!? Why would I kill you? You complete me.
(*tee hee hee*)
You get to do all the house repairs starting with the bathroom.

IanJr: *grumble* You get to do all the house repairs starting with the bathroom. *grumble* Nice way to spend my wedding night *grumble*
me: oh, honey, your wedding night was never going to be what you hoped it would be.

Faith: I'm not feeling so well.

Faith: ow! ow-ow-ow-ow!

Faith: This SUCKS!!!

Faith: breathe, Faith, breathe. who-who-who-haaaaaaaaaa

Welcome little Charity.
IanJr welcomes little Charity into the family

Faith: Sim Goddess Tina, s...
me: Hi Faith. You have such a cute little daughter.

Faith: noooooo, you don't understand. More paaaaaainnnnnnn!

Welcome little Chastity.

Charity stats:
sign: Gemini
Neat: 3
Outgoing: 10
Active: 9
Playful: 10
Nice: 1
So, really active and fun but not nice - this should be fun for me to watch.
Charity: *my dad wears a wife beater*

Chastity stats:
sign: Gemini
Neat: 3
Outgoing: 6
Active: 7
Playful: 5
Nice: 5
so not as playful and fun but definitely nicer than Charity.

Evan greets and tucks in his new little grandkiddies.


Grandparents are great for helping out with the newborns.
Evan feeds Charity.

Kirsten feeds Chastity. Eyes wide open.

IanJr: Hey this controller looks like it has yellow-bug-eyes...die, die, die you Godzilla Man!

Hope watches the mailman, ready to pounce with a 'grrrrrrrrr'

Evan: stop squirming.
Chastity: *WAIL*

Heather Spacey: the last time I was out there in space,
IanJr: yes, go on....
Heather Spacey: I hit an alien with a baseball!
IanJr: I totally don't believe you.

Evan cleans Hope's bed.

Faith takes a bubble bath in a dirty tub.
Nothing too exciting, but I like the bubbles, so this shot stays in.

Kirsten: Sim Goddess Tina, I want to tell you something.
me: why are you whispering?
Kirsten: I just wanted to tell you that this shadow makes for a less than flattering picture. Just for your future reference.

IanJr working out some apparent frustration.
me: you pound those keys, IanJr.

IanJr: What do you think of me now, father-in-law-Evan?
Evan: I think you need to get in there and fry me up some eggs.

IanJr invites his mom, Sandy, over to meet the kids.
BUT for some glitchy reason, they hug this greeting and that's the end of it.
Sandy: see ya! I gotta get home.

IanJr loves him some exercise so I send him out to whatever-this-military-contraption is called.

Soon he's running with a trail of green stench but he maxes out his body points!

IanJr: so, Sim Goddess Tina, you like me, right?
me: sure do, kid. You and your cute little family are all right.

Here's where we bid you farewell. Next time: The twins grow up into toddlers. Will Kirsten continue to support this marriage? Will Evan continue to take out his aggressions on IanJr?

Before I go, I'd like to thank the Joker for the little reference in this entry.
Thanks for reading!

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