Friday, September 26, 2008

Cha 2.7 Death Becomes Us

We're back to the Sandy LisonB Legacy. Where are we in the story?
1. Sandy met Ian in college while fishing.
2. They were married and had two children: Esther and IanJr (who is married to Faith)
3. Esther met Neil in college and they were married.
4. They have three children: Aribeth, Darius and Demetrius (twins)

Aribeth is rarely happy to see me.
me: sup, Aribeth?
Aribeth: *stare*

How cute is Demetrius?
Sandy plays with her grandson, Darius.

Ian: I have gained so many BFFs in my life. We should be BFFs
Aribeth: *stare*

Aribeth: oh, BFFs! okay.

Sandy appears to be mad at . . . . herself?
Sandy: I should have socked RoseMarie in the jaw for cheating on my nephew.

okay, so I didn't like Esther's makeover, so I gave her one that suited her personality a bit better.

hey there, Sandy.

Aren greets this evil little stray cat who went into his cabin and tore apart his stuff.

Aribeth: still not doing so well...I tried.
me: don't whine. You'll get it with a bit more homework.
Aribeth: ugh! Homework is the worst.

Neil: *sniffle* I don't know what to do with Darius *sniffles*
Darius: waaaaaa, waaaaahhhhhh

Neil: Why don't we throw this saggy soggy diaper off you?
Darius: wheee

me: that's better. Where's the diaper?

*head on desk*
me: nice, Neil, very nice.

Darius in his crib

Demetrius in his crib

me: that's right, baby girl, you study to get that A+
Aribeth: it's hard to learn. . . .

me: what are you doing Sandy?
Sandy: writing a cook book.

me: oooooo, what recipes are you including?
Sandy: Enchilada Casserole, My Famous Bruchetta, some desserts....
me: can I have the bruchetta recipe? I love it and want it and need it. (no really)

Aribeth: I did it!!! Stars for me!
me: whoo hooo!

Birthday Time!
The boys are growing into toddlers.
Esther coddles Darius
Sandy thinks: Darius is the smart one.

Aribeth kinda cheers

me: hey what is that behind you, Aribeth? Is that a sickle?

The infants are tossed carelessly into the air
me: watch out for the ceiling!
me: Grim! Not a good time! Who are you here for?

Grim: Ian.....Ian.......Ian......yoo hoo, Ian?
Ian: my grandsons are so cute as they burst into toddlers!

Sandy: Sim Goddess Tina, what's going on? You remember it's a happy day, right?
me: *sigh*

Toddler bursts continue
The Island Girls join the party
No one seems to notice the uninvited guests intruding on the festivities

So that's how the Grim takes out Ian!
me: it was supposed to be natural!
Grim: well, he didn't answer me when I called his name. I needed to get his attention!

Ian: ain't no way you're taking me! Do you see my wants?

yup! Potty train both of the boys.
Earn a bronze sewing badge
Teach Demetrius a nursery rhyme

Ian: So you see, Grim, I have a lot of work to do! There's nothing you can say to convince me to leave.

Grim: well, we have free alcohol of your choice, no calories and it's paradise. Check out the women behind me.
Ian: oh, OKAY!

Ian gets his bag . . . .

and starts to fade as the Grim directs him to Paradise.

Bad memories for all!

Ian's headstone is the first to the backyard cemetery.

Ian's will
Ian McAuley stats:
Sign: Virgo
Aspiration 1: Fortune
Aspiration 2: Knowledge
Turn on: Underwear
Turn on: Full Makeup
Turn off: Cologne
Job: Adventurer - Retired
LTW: Become a Business Tycoon - not met
(but I kept his aspirations high)
College: 1 year completed
Hobby of Choice: Science
Neat: 9
Shy: 2
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 5
Died at 74 days

Great dad and grandpa. Loved gardening and studying science.
Maxed out all skills.
Gardening: silver badge
I'm gonna miss you, Ian!

Esther cries for her loss

Sandy is just plain heartbroken - and who wouldn't be?

So now that the sadness is over, let's take a look at the twin toddlers
Sign: Sagittarius
Sloppy: 3
Shy: 4
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 7

Sign: Sagittarius
Sloppy: 2
Shy: 2
Active: 9
Playful: 7
Nice: 10

Sandy goes into town looking for a witch and finds Faith, instead.

Aribeth is all about nature
Aribeth: here firefly, firefly, firefly!

Aribeth: oooooo, pretty!

Aribeth: check it out, Sim Goddess Tina!
me: I know, they're kinda cool and they glow!

Sandy: SGT, why did you allow them to take my Ian from me!?
me: it wasn't my call.
Sandy: whatever!

Aren teaches Demetrius how to walk.

Aren pushes Aribeth on the swing

Aribeth: wheeeeeeee! ha ha ha ha ha

Atina comes over for a visit.
(she's on the right)

Neil: Teddy
Demetrius: Teh....D

Sandy: High Chair
Darius: Hay Chayr

Esther builds up her energy - cheating style

A bonding moment

cute draw-rings


the twins get chummy

Aribeth catches butterflies.
me: who's that chick at the door?
Blue Uniform: I'm dropping off the cook book that Sandy wrote
me: woohoo! Bruchetta for my snack! (no, really, I want the recipe)

Aribeth: *singing* the eensy, weensy, spider...
Demetrius: da eenssy, seensy, pider

More bonding over drawing

me: Sim Goddess Tina. Say it.
Demetrius: eem dessss tana
me: good enough

Darius: haaaaa!
me: good enough.

Esther: Hey, check me out! I reached the top! I am now a Criminal Mastermind!
me: wooohoooo! check that off the 'to-do list'

Birthday Time! (Again)
(please no death!)
Aribeth is first to the Birthday Cake

Neil brings Demetrius

Esther brings Darius
Next time we'll see the twins grow into chilletts and Aribeth will be our teen cutie pahtutie! Until then, happy Simming!

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