Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cha 2.9 Piña El Grim

I'm finally back and we're all ready for an update to the Sandy LisonB Legacy.
Here they are! Back to the blogging pages:

Aribeth and Demetrius smustle around before school.
Darius: I like school. It makes me feel smart.

Aribeth: No comment

Demetrius: Smusteling is fun and this bus is very nice on the inside.

me: so, how did you do today?
Demetrius: loooooking. . . . .

Demetrius: yesssss!

Demetrius: see here! Sim Goddess Tina!

Darius: hey SGT! I'm back from school.
me: I can see that. How'd you do?

me: *snicker*

Darius: just kidding! I did GREAT!

Esther goes to work - that evil doer!

Oh, look! Ian is back!

Ian: baaaAAAAAHHH!
Esther: AAAAAA!

Esther: I almost had a heart attack! What a nice memory.
Ian: who else can I put the fear of God into?

Aren is working on another gold badge - really I just want the custom clothes.

This teddy will fetch some $20 at the market.

Mr Burns: excellent!

Darius has a moment with the bees when he's looking for bugs.

me: Run, kid, run!

Aribeth attempts to jump the rope.

Aribeth: and.... one ......

Crazy old Aribeth! She's always good for a laugh!

Maurice: hey! That line is about me!
me: wowe! GTFO, crazy man!

Gaston: yes, that line belongs to me and my song.
me: you sing? You don't look like a sissy-boy.
Gaston: *gasp* you dare speak to me like that!? *stomps off the blog*
me: that's right, bitch, out you go!

Aribeth: woooo! Stop! Wooooo!
Darius: SGT, I'm a little concerned about you and I'm really worried about my sister.

Sandy: I wonder what will happen if I stand in this bucket of water, and hold on to these poles that are connect to that wire that plugs into that battery over there on that table?
me: It seems like we've all lost a bit of ourselves tonight.

me: Mikey, I think she likes it.

Tank: Hey, Sim Goddess Tina, I think she likes it, too.


Esther: please say it isn't so!!!
me: no, no, no, NOOOO! I agree with you, Esther!
Grim: what? what's wrong? I'm just doing my job!

Grim: Hello, Sandy.
me: *sob*

Sandy: *sniffle* what if I don't want to go?

Sandy: what if I fight you and pull those bones through that robe of yours?
me: wait, what? *sniffle*

Sandy: yeah! I'm not ready to go!
Grim: I'm here for you, Sandy, and you will come with me.

Sandy: are you kidding me with this crap!? I don't like your tone, Mister!

Grim: listen, I think we started on the wrong foot.

Grim: I come in peace and I bring a peace offering.
Sandy: Piña Coladas! Yum!
me: Piña colada!? where? I want one!

Sandy: well, if there's all you can drink-ready-made-drinks I'll come along.

her bags are going, too

Sandy sure looks happy to go, huh?
*sniffle* *blow my nose* *tear*

Darius: I'm gonna miss my grandmama!

Demetrius: I'll get you Sim Goddess Tina, one day, you'll see!

Esther: just go away, SGT! I'm too upset!

Neil: now you've gone and upset my wife, which leaves me with no choice but to take you on.

I guess they're together, right?

I'm gonna miss you, Simmie Sandy! You were fun to the end!

Sandy's will

Sandy's Legacy Portrait next to Esther's

Geez, Louise! I forgot all about you, Aren!
Of course it was your birthday!

Aren: *deep breath* Ahhhh! It feels good to be alive!

Aren: and I'm all white when I'm old.

Aribeth goes to school in her "new" old car.

Esther makes coffee

Esther: mmmmm, that's a nice blend.

The boys enjoy a nice quiet meal. That seems odd. Two young boys, not talking?

Darius and Demetrius work on a snowman together.

Well, that was fun!
me: WAIT! Aribeth, what are you doing?

Aribeth: die, Snowman, DIE!

Aribeth: My work here, is done!

Well, then! I guess my work here is done, too! Vacations for all, next time!

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