Monday, July 28, 2008

Cha 2.1 Esther's Up

We are in deep to the Sandy LisonB legacy. Esther has graduated from University and I have moved the Legacy family into a 4X5 lot. I will eventually move them into the proper Legacy lot, but I like this house and wanted to use it.

Family Stats
Founder: Sandy LisonB
Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Earn $100,000
Degree: History
Turn on #1: Fitness
Turn on #2: Black Hair
Turn off: Blond Hair
Hobby of Choice: Tinkering
Job: Law - Retired (I was short sighted and retired her too early)

Husband/Spouse: Ian McAuley
Sign: Virgo
Aspiration #1: Fortune
Aspiration #2: Knowledge
LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Degree: 1 year completed
Turn on #1: Underwear
Turn on #2: Full Makeup
Turn off: Cologne
Hobby of Choice: Science
Job: Adventurer - Retired

Permanent Guest: Aren Bigfoot
Sign: Virgo
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Have 20 simultaneous pet best friends (like I'm gonna let that happen)
Degree: some - not sure how much
Hobby of Choice: Science
Job: Education

Front of the house - Aren is saluting Ian

Back of the house - check out that pool.
Not pictured: A special cabin made for Aren

Sandy: so there's another word for that special part, you know - a freight train.

Ian: A freight train? You've become a dirty old woman, I think.

Ian: I liked calling it "My Personal Cruise Ship." That's the name I'm sticking with.

Sandy: You know Esther will be home from college today and we'll have to stop our sexual escapades through the whole house.
Ian: good thing we already christened the home
me: you old geezers are too much.

Ian loves his telescope. His daily want that rolls up is to find a space ship, or a new constellation, or just watch the stars.

So Esther has returned to her beloved new home and immediately went our shopping for new digs.

I was elated to run into the famous Mrs. Crumplebottom
me: Hello, Mrs. Crumplebottom. How are you on this fine afternoon?

me: ha ha ha ha ha do make me laugh.

Esther takes a side trip to the local billiards:

me: Woe! What's this face? Were you hanging out with Crumplebutt!?
Esther: NO! You made me leave before I was finished with all my playing!
me: but you were in critical red levels on almost everything except social.
Esther: I don't care. Nothing can make this day better.

Nothing, huh?

Neil comes for a visit and Esther is all smiles.
But I'm thinking: *sup with his nose! I just know it will dominate the legacy!*

Sandy paints her legacy portrait.

Neil takes Esther on a date.

And one hug leads to a kiss . . .

. . . . which leads to a proposal.

me: Esther! Check out the size of that rock!
Esther: I know, I'm looking at it right now!

Esther: oh, it looks so good on my finger!

Neil immediately moves into the house, but due to household rules, he is given a small bed in the spare bedroom.

Aren stays up all night to make sure Neil doesn't "sleep walk" into Esther's room.

Even Ian stays up to listen for noises of a tip-toeing Neil.

Sandy's hobby is tinkering. (all the old ladies from this 3 Legacies Legacy have tinkering.)

A lake was added. Beautiful.

Sandy plays with the train without any fiery mishaps.

Aren is all about science, so he has an ant lab.

Esther is all about games, so she has a gaming blog.

And Neil just likes himself. He thinks he's great.

More stats:
LisonB Generation 2 Heir: Esther McAuley
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become a criminal mastermind
Degree: Literature
Turn on #1: Fitness
Turn on #2: Hats
Turn off: Stinky People
Hobby of Choice: Games
Job: Recent college graduate

Fiance: Neil Gonzaga
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration #1: Knowledge
Aspiration #2: Family
LTW: Become a Media Magnate
Degree: Philosophy
Turn on #1: Fatness (well, that's good for when Esther's pregnant)
Turn on #2: Black Hair
Turn off: Stinky People
Hobby of Choice: Sports
Job: Recent college graduate

When we return to this fun family, Esther will get married and hopefully we'll see generation 3 make an appearance.

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