Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cha 2.9 A Butler Indeed

Welcome back to the Aeric/Atina Legacy!
Finally an update, I know! I was playing the other families for a while, but I'm back to this one.

First, let's catch up. You can see the previous entry for this family if you want stats, but:
1. My sim-self: Atina married my husband's sim self: Aeric
2. My sister's sim-self is in the Sandy LisonB legacy
3. Aeric's brother's sim-self is in the Evan Legacy

The last chapter ended with the wish for a butler and for the girls to get into private school. Let's see how that went, shall we?

Sim-Aeric is very much like Real-Eric in that Sim-Aeric is full of energy in the mornings.

Real-Eric lets the dogs out in the morning while Real-Tina sleeps just a "little longer"
me: good morning, Star Shine
Clarissa: mornings betray me!
me: I understand completely.
Bastion: What the shit! Make my bed!?
me: do we have to go through this EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!?
Christina feeds her fish

Christina: biirrrrfffffff
me: um, I don't see any fish.
*more confirmation that I need a new graphics card*
*head on desk*

me: Yo! Clarissa, slow the flow!

The family that eats breakfast together, stays together.

Off to school.

Clarissa: bye all. Let's get me into private school, shall we?

Mallory: Butler's number is? 555-0693

The appointment for the headmaster is made, and Aeric gets to making his specialty

Lobster Thermidor.
me: what is Lobster Thermidor, anyway?

Eric checks on the status of "the dinner"

and, it's done.

The completed plate.

The real stuff looks something like this:
okay, enough of that. Moving on.....

We hired a butler: Alon Rusewicz.
me: Welcome to the household!
Alon: *shocked*
me: what's wrong!?

Alon: yes, could you hurry please, it's an emergency!
The fire truck is there within seconds.
me: where's the fire? I don't see anything!

Lora Goss: What? Where? Who?

Alon: Hello, Miss Amy Andrews, nice to see you again. Now get out.
Amy: sho shu
Alon: I need to call the fire department again! It's an emergency!

Connor Rauscher: Here I come to save the day!
me: *yawn* there's no fire...turn around and get back in.
note to self: Alon is crazy and needs to be fired!

Atina: *humming* I think I'll call Braxton and see how he's doing
Alon: Ellaghana! Atina, you're in the way!

Atina: If you call the fire department again, you are fired.
Alon: uh...... too late.

Damn that Alon!
Connor: what? where? when? who? day to save?

Atina: sorry about my crazy butler, here's $100 not to turn me in.
Yup, we fired the butler on the spot! See ya looser!

Not a minute later:

*head on desk*
of course we have a REAL fire!
I looked and looked and it wasn't until I set my game into move objects that I found the fire-that-never-was and deleted it.

Clarissa: hi-YAH!
me: lovely, moving on....

Christina: weeeeeeeee

me: what the ??
Chrissy: ow, ow, ow!
me: uh, yeah, ow!

me: hello? are you still alive after the many water knives got ya?

Christina: I think I have something in my ear.
me: you think?

Bastion: Okay, Irwin clan, when the headmaster gets here, we stick to safe topics. Like the weather....and...

Clarissa: ...and makeup!
Chistina: are you kidding me with this crap!?
Aeric: not make up!

Clarissa: hello headmaster Clarence Brown, I have make up on. tee hee!
Clarence: *ogle* *ogle* *ogle*

Clarence: woohoo, the boys are gonna love a hottie like you!

Aeric takes out dinner and warms it up.
Shmoozing points, here we come.

Bastion: so you see, Headmaster Brown, my girls are intelligent and will add an acedemic ferver to your institution
Clarissa: and I'm hot, so you can't go wrong.

me: oh yeah, you're hot all right!
Clarence Brown: flatulence over my dinner turns me on.

me: clearly!
here are the final numbers. Looks like the girls got into private school.

That lobster thermidor put Bastion over the weight limit so it's time for a family jog.

Back from the jog around the block (or where ever they go when they disappear)

TV: Namba chambla. . . . fableen!
Bastion: UGH! Working out sucks!

Clarissa: What the shit! Clean the tub!?
me: get over it.

Christina doesn't complain when she is told to mop.
Points for her!

oh look! It's the Love Gypsy!

Love Gypsy: Hello Clarissa, here's a sample of my best love potion #9
Clarissa: Love potion #9. I'll take it!

Well it's a little late for the Halloween decor, but Christina loves it!

Well that's all for now. Next time we'll catch up with the other members of the Irwin clan.

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