Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cha 3.4 Time for a Vacation

Welcome back to the Sandy LisonB legacy where we are watching the 4th generation grow up.
We last left this family right in the middle of Cole's birthday. (child #2) Let's watch him finish his growth spurt into childhood.
me: no, no, Blond Chick, don't get in the way or anything!
Blond Chick: I was here with Avri and thought I'd get right on into the mix.

Cole: I still have hands!
me: and fugly hair, too.

Cole gets a makeover.

Time to paint the legacy portrait.

Aribeth finishes it up quickly (thanks to her maxed out creativity points)

Sandy, Esther and now, Aribeth. Yay!

me: Okay, Esther. This is an odd place to play your gameboy.
Esther: Well, I had nothing better to do...I've maxed all skills out.
me: well, not all...but....

Cole's first day of school.
Me: how did you do?
Cole: I killed it! I walked right in and said, "hey, Teach! Gi'me an A."

me: I see "the Teach" complied?
Cole: I don't understand.
me: yeah, I hear that from all the little boys and girls.

Cole: I'm not so keen on this homework stuff.

Family dinner
Gpa Neil: I don't like the snow! It snows a lot in the winter, and I think we should take a vacation.
me: me too!

me: what are you boys up to?
It looks like Orbit is wondering the same thing.

Cole: *heh heh*

Sorry, I skipped the suds...oops!
Well, it's time for vacation...get ready to be done with the coats for a while!

And the destination?
The tropics!
Aribeth: first things first! Sandcastle building time.
Orbit: right there? I'm thinking over here is better.

Family portrait time! (Esther took the picture)

Aribeth "wanted" to swim in the ocean, so in she went.
me: you know, it's safer to swim with a buddy, in the day time.

Avri gets a massage.

The boys play in the hammocks

me: HEY! YOU! Creepy stalker guy! GTFO!

Darius relaxes

Waiting for a native dish to be served

Oh look, it's a pineapple treat.

Aribeth: we're checking out.
BellBoy: sign here and be on your way.

BellBoy: What?

Heading out to the family vacation home.

Visiting the ancient ruins

me: What are you doing, Avri?
Avri: *sneak* *sneak* *sneak*

Avri: * * * *

Avri: heh, heh!
me: uh......

Who disturbs my slumber?

The punishment for disturbing my eternal sleep is.....DEATH.....BY LAVA!

Avri: uh, oops. Gosh.....uh, sorry.

More exploring takes us to a pirate ship.

Orbit: Walk the plank you sinner!

me: ha ha ha ha!
Orbit: it's not funny! I almost fell off!

Cole: Take that, Fencing-Stick-Pirate!

Demetrius: Man the bow! You! Invisible pirate!

Demetrius: oh, you saw me, huh?

Orbit "plunders" the captain's quarters.....
So this is where I'll leave off......