Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cha 2.2 Look Up In The Sky!

When we last left the Aeric/Atina Legacy, the heir, Bastion and his new wife were mid-honeymoon. They have added a voodoo doll to their household.

Let's get back to the honeymoon and move this legacy along!

Bastion and Mallory visit a pirate's ship. Mallory climbs all over the place and sword fights and walks the plank, but I'm more interested in the ghost story. So I send Bastion to knock on the captain's door.

Now I don't know about you, but I know that if a door creaked open and there was nobody behind it, there's no chance I'm entering the room, but Bastion heads right on in.
After two attempts, out comes Captain Ghost. . . . but where is Bastion?

Bastion: Get me out of here!! There's a ghost up there!
me: I know! get up there and learn the sea chantey!
Bastion: I'm afraid. What if he kills me?
me: just tell him the best joke you know and he'll love you, THEN he'll teach you the song.

Bastion: so, Scary Ghost Captain, I have a joke for you.
Scary Ghost Captain: I love a good joke - woooooooo
Bastion: Well, there's a rat and . . .

Bastion: he decides to control a toy robot . . . .
Scary Ghost Captain: go on

Bastion: And the rat controls the weather with the robot, but the robot gets rusty and kills the rat!

Scary Ghost Captain: THAT'S TERRIBLE . . . . . Funny!!!
*plus* *plus*

Scary Ghost Captain: so here's the sea chantey song:
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
We extort, we pilfer, we filch, and sack,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
Maraud and embezzle, and even high-jack,
Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho.
(what sucks: Bastion never learned it, so he can't sing it now)

Sandcastle contest!
On your mark!
Get set!

Bastion: Sim Goddess Tina, my sand castle doesn't look right.
me: well you gotta finish it, you know

me: that's better!
Bastion: *smiles*

Mallory: My sandcastle is the BEST!

me: so there appears to be a wall between you two.
Bastion: I worked hard on my sand castle, and she says hers was better.
Mallory: I'm not budging from my facts.
me: oh, get to woohooing and let me hear the lullaby of the next generation!
(stupid glitches)

The honeymoon has come to an end.

Mallory and Bastion take a cab to the airport.

One last look at your last vacation.
If you're lucky, you'll get another one, someday.

I send Bastion to play chess and this is his reaction.
Think he likes the game?

Atina is a cute little old lady who spends time sewing potholders.

Time to paint the legacy portraits.

Mallory love her movies and books, so it's time to write a novel.
Mallory: Once upon a time, in the darkness of the night, our heroin, Sabina Charleston walks out of her parent's home, never to return again. All of her possessions are in one carpet bag given to her many years ago by her famous grandmother. The dark path lays out before her. She's played here all her life and is familiar with every blade of grass, every leaf on every tree and all the flowers have a name. But now, with no moon, there's an eeriness to her surroundings. She grasps her bag and takes her first step down a path to an unknown future. . . .

Faith and Mallory are no longer BFFs.
Mallory knocked over Faith's garbage can and now Faith wants revenge.

EWE! cockroaches!!

Mallory sprays the cockroaches - and catches a cold.

Mallory: You listen up, Faith! Just because I knock over your garbage can, does NOT mean you can come over here and do the same to me!

Mallory: I'm so sad. I liked Faith.
Faith: see ya, sucka!

Aeric: Atina, you're a wish come true. (ahhhhhh)

Atina: No, Aeric, you're my wish come true. (ahhhhhhh)

Aeric: So Mallory, did you use some dark magic spell to get our son?

Mallory: No. Actually, I wished on a star - the first star I saw one night, and then there he was.

I send Mallory to bed because she has a cold and is pregnant.
Mallory: Sim Goddess Tina, I'm getting out of bed to cough to reiterate to you that I need rest.
me: I'm aware, now get back to bed!

Two seconds later:
Mallory: Sim Goddess Tina, I'm getting out of bed to have my first pregnancy pop (and get into these terrible pajamas)

Bastion finds more roaches in the bedroom.
What? Did they come with Mallory's cold?

Mallory's completed novel: Never Winter Nights arrives in the middle of the night.

Aeric's favorite hobby is: science. He loves his telescope.

Aeric: I wonder if this flashlight will help me see the stars better....or maybe I can get the attention of some passerby.

Atina sleeps peacefully, unaware of anything out of the ordinary.

me: Aeric, what is that bright spot light!?

Aeric: oh, God, this cannot be happening!

me: hold on, Aeric!!
Aeric: I'm losing my grip!

Atina: did I hear something? I better go check it out.

Mallory reads her novel: Sabina cannot believe this day has come. Long has she dreamed of meeting her prince charming. She had all but given up on ever finding anybody to make her smile or laugh or glow from the inside. Now, face to face with her love, she feels like she can face the biggest demons of her past. No longer will she run or cowar or fear. She will hold her head up high knowing that her Jeremy will be by her side, giving her strength.

Oh, look! Hours later, the space craft returns to the scene.


Aeric: I don't feel so good.

Aeric: My back side hurts *sniffle*

Aeric: the . . . memories! I remember! I remember EVERYTHING!


Aeric: I'll get you, Alien Abductors, if it's the last thing I do!

What a great place to leave the family. Next time we will meet the first of Generation THREE! Woot! Woot!

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