Monday, July 28, 2008

Gen2 YR5 More Graduations

The heirs are all graduated and we have the rest of the kiddies left in college. I debated about letting them stay for eternity in their youthful, college aged bodies, but I liked playing them and decided to continue. I'm not sure how much of them I'll play once they get out into "real life."

So who do we have left?

Seniors: IanJr, Braxton and RoseMarie
Junior: Belle

We start off the year singing the school song or a jig.
Belle: Mo Lock Tie, mo lock tie . . .

Belle and RoseMarie enjoy a competitive game of basketball
Belle: *smiles* I'll kick your ass *smiles*
RoseMarie: *smiles* I'd like to see you try *smiles*

Belle and her boyfriend Max Flexor and becoming "quite close," as Belle says.

Max: Oh, Belle, I love you so much.
Belle: I love you, too. . . . .

Belle: oh, virginity, shirginity!

A Titanic moment

My heart will go on . . . . .

Eating grilled cheese sandwiches is a Sim's favorite thing to eat. I'm not sure why, but some just love the stuff.

RoseMarie: I don't know what I want to do with my life! Just let me eat my sandwich.

Belle: Well, you'll want to decide quick because you'll want that degree for a rainy day.
Evil Rival Cow: I'll get that IanJr. I've never even seen him or met him, but I'll get him.

Breakfast: IanJr and Braxton

IanJr: I'm stronger than anybody!
Braxton: You might have a future there, but my point is, you'll have to work at it.

Belle challenges her professor at a game of soccer - and she kicks his arse!

Braxton spots a parrot that is NOT indigenous to these parts, perched on some unseen branch.
IanJr returns from his jog

Stupid Jennifer Livingston-Cheeringston shows up constantly screaming her "vo gerbits" cheer. I'll show you "vo gerbits" if you don't stop showing up!

me: Hey, Pervie, d'ya like the view?!?!?!?
I swear, if it's not the cheering section it's the various mascots.
me: GTFO!

This year's portraits:
Handsome Ian Jr. is engaged to Faith and will soon be married with children.

Cute Belle has one more year to go.

I like you RoseMarie, even if you haven't been huge on working out and gripe every time I tell you to clean.

And Braxton, you're as handsome as ever.

This year, we continued our journey to scourge all the old and ugly faces and hair styles out of my neighborhood.
RoseMarie helps Sunny Dalton.

Braxton helps the spiky haired goth chick.
Braxton attempts to help this fugliness, but it's hard to hide what she's got. Braxton appears stunned by the experience.

Braxton adds a wonderful set of sunglasses to this random dude's face, and he LOVES it.

Last, but certainly, not least, RoseMarie gives this beauty a new hair due.
me: hey, Demi Custer, you can join this legacy anytime. (remember that name!)

me: So Braxton, you've finished your last final exam of your life, what will you do next?
Braxton: Bowl some mean rounds of bowling

Braxton: In your face, bowling ball! I showed you who's the boss!

Well, all the seniors are done. The first one to move on to "real life":
RoseMarie: So, can I have a cab pick me up for real life?

RoseMarie: Dance to the music! Dance to the music!

Belle: see ya. The sooner you leave, the sooner they all follow and leave me here in the party house!
me: nice outfit RoseMarie - guess where I'm going to send you FIRST thing when I play you next?
RoseMarie: please tell me it's to get a new outfit?

Braxton: *tear* I'll see you soon.
RoseMarie: Sim Goddess Tina, please hurry up and play us so I can change out of this "outfit"

Braxton: yeah, I just can't live another second without RoseMarie, will you pick me up for real life, too?

Braxton: Dance to the music! Dance to the music!

Braxton: What are you looking at, Fugly Chick?
Fugly Chick: um, I might be fugly, but have an hour glass above your head AND you're wearing a belly shirt - it looks stupid.
me: yup, it's a sho thing - we are going shopping when next we play Braxton and RoseMarie.

Belle: I hope to see you soon, Braxton.
Braxton: don't look at my belly shirt. I'm so ashamed!

Belle: um, Braxton, Sim Godess Tina forgot to have you take all your stuff with you so you didn't have to pay for it all again. You wanna come get it?

Braxton (who's obviously been shopping): It's all in this box?
Belle: it's like in Harry Potter. You know that part in Book 4 when they go to the Quiddich world cup and they have that tent - yeah, all your stuff is in here.

Do you remember this shot from when Bastion finished college? Do you see Faith in the background?

Well, she finally reappeared so I could survey the damage.
me: LOL!! Faith had the last word, I see?
Ruined Makeup: please don't laugh at me...just have someone fix it.

Belle: I'll fix it for you like it?
Fixed Makeup: it looks so much better.

me: So much better that I say you, too, can join any of the three legacies. Your name please?
Fixed Makeup: Robin Trimble is my name.

IanJr is the last of the group to take off.
IanJr: Please take me to the Evan Irwin Legacy...I'm to marry Faith!

IanJr: here I come, babe.

Speaking of engagements:
Max proposes, with a little push from me.

I love these night time engagements...the rings always glow.

Belle seems contented.

Well, this ends all but Belle's college career. Sim Godess Tina is eager to get Belle onto real life, so her Senior year might be a bit rushed.

What I'm really eager to know are the answers to the following questions:
How are Bastion and Mallory doing on their honeymoon? And what surprise will the first kid of Generation 3 bring to the Aeric and Atina legacy?
And how about Esther and Neil? Will they get married and have the marriage of her dreams? Will they have the perfect family that her parents had?
What about Faith and IanJr? The same question is left hanging in the air like a thick cloud: What is Evan going to do when he finds out Faith and IanJr are engaged? Will Faith or IanJr even have the gall to face him?
This and more is yet to come!

Cha 2.1 Esther's Up

We are in deep to the Sandy LisonB legacy. Esther has graduated from University and I have moved the Legacy family into a 4X5 lot. I will eventually move them into the proper Legacy lot, but I like this house and wanted to use it.

Family Stats
Founder: Sandy LisonB
Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Earn $100,000
Degree: History
Turn on #1: Fitness
Turn on #2: Black Hair
Turn off: Blond Hair
Hobby of Choice: Tinkering
Job: Law - Retired (I was short sighted and retired her too early)

Husband/Spouse: Ian McAuley
Sign: Virgo
Aspiration #1: Fortune
Aspiration #2: Knowledge
LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Degree: 1 year completed
Turn on #1: Underwear
Turn on #2: Full Makeup
Turn off: Cologne
Hobby of Choice: Science
Job: Adventurer - Retired

Permanent Guest: Aren Bigfoot
Sign: Virgo
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Have 20 simultaneous pet best friends (like I'm gonna let that happen)
Degree: some - not sure how much
Hobby of Choice: Science
Job: Education

Front of the house - Aren is saluting Ian

Back of the house - check out that pool.
Not pictured: A special cabin made for Aren

Sandy: so there's another word for that special part, you know - a freight train.

Ian: A freight train? You've become a dirty old woman, I think.

Ian: I liked calling it "My Personal Cruise Ship." That's the name I'm sticking with.

Sandy: You know Esther will be home from college today and we'll have to stop our sexual escapades through the whole house.
Ian: good thing we already christened the home
me: you old geezers are too much.

Ian loves his telescope. His daily want that rolls up is to find a space ship, or a new constellation, or just watch the stars.

So Esther has returned to her beloved new home and immediately went our shopping for new digs.

I was elated to run into the famous Mrs. Crumplebottom
me: Hello, Mrs. Crumplebottom. How are you on this fine afternoon?

me: ha ha ha ha ha do make me laugh.

Esther takes a side trip to the local billiards:

me: Woe! What's this face? Were you hanging out with Crumplebutt!?
Esther: NO! You made me leave before I was finished with all my playing!
me: but you were in critical red levels on almost everything except social.
Esther: I don't care. Nothing can make this day better.

Nothing, huh?

Neil comes for a visit and Esther is all smiles.
But I'm thinking: *sup with his nose! I just know it will dominate the legacy!*

Sandy paints her legacy portrait.

Neil takes Esther on a date.

And one hug leads to a kiss . . .

. . . . which leads to a proposal.

me: Esther! Check out the size of that rock!
Esther: I know, I'm looking at it right now!

Esther: oh, it looks so good on my finger!

Neil immediately moves into the house, but due to household rules, he is given a small bed in the spare bedroom.

Aren stays up all night to make sure Neil doesn't "sleep walk" into Esther's room.

Even Ian stays up to listen for noises of a tip-toeing Neil.

Sandy's hobby is tinkering. (all the old ladies from this 3 Legacies Legacy have tinkering.)

A lake was added. Beautiful.

Sandy plays with the train without any fiery mishaps.

Aren is all about science, so he has an ant lab.

Esther is all about games, so she has a gaming blog.

And Neil just likes himself. He thinks he's great.

More stats:
LisonB Generation 2 Heir: Esther McAuley
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Become a criminal mastermind
Degree: Literature
Turn on #1: Fitness
Turn on #2: Hats
Turn off: Stinky People
Hobby of Choice: Games
Job: Recent college graduate

Fiance: Neil Gonzaga
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration #1: Knowledge
Aspiration #2: Family
LTW: Become a Media Magnate
Degree: Philosophy
Turn on #1: Fatness (well, that's good for when Esther's pregnant)
Turn on #2: Black Hair
Turn off: Stinky People
Hobby of Choice: Sports
Job: Recent college graduate

When we return to this fun family, Esther will get married and hopefully we'll see generation 3 make an appearance.