Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cha. 2.9 Faith the Ghoul

Welcome back to the Evan Irwin Legacy! (I've had this update ready to go for a couple of weeks but have had other things keeping me from updating. So let's catch up:
1. Evan and Kirsten, met in college and were married just after leaving.
2. They had one daughter: Faith
3. Their three dogs have passed away: Chase, Hope and Stormy
4. They decided to go with a cat: Omni
5. Kirsten passed away at 76 days *sadness*
6. Faith married IanJr McAuley and they have twin daughters: Charity & Chastity
7. The twins are teens
8. I think that catches us up

So we enter the household to find this scene:

me: *shaking my head* Oh Mr. Grim!
Grim: Helloooooo Evaannnnnnnn! . . . .

Grim:. . . . I have come for your soul.
Evan: *gasp*

Through the chaos of watching Faith and the twins run to the kitchen, I missed the terrified Omni take off like a bat out of hell.

Batty: did you say Batty!?
me: no. No I did not.
Batty: "Yo, the name is Batty. The logic is erratic.
Potato in a jacket. Toys in the attic.
I rock and I ramble. My brain is scrambled.
Rap like an animal, but I'm a mammal."

(tee hee hee. Fern Gully makes me smile.)

Grim: Evan, pick up your bag; it will be coming with us. . . .

Grim: . . .let's get to paradise!

Faith: *gasp*!

Evan: let's go, Grim, I'm gonna show you why neither Heaven or Hell want me.
Grim: um, oh...kay.
me: tee hee hee

me: good bye, friend. You took great care of your family.

Chastity: *oblivious smile*

Charity & Chastity: what a terrible memory but we're over it.
Faith: I'm scarred for life!

Evan's will
Where's Charity?

She didn't even make the top 5 but there's Professor Kari who he didn't talk to for many days!
Stupid Maxis logic.

And our cemetery is filling up.
Stormy's ghost
creepy jaw!

Faith: Sim Goddess Tina, I'm a ghoul! Watch me!
me: *grin*

IanJr: Sim Goddess Tina, help me...I have to play along or she'll kill me

Charity: *laughing* Mom has definitely fallen off her rocker! ha ha ha ha

Chastity: Like, oh my gawd, don't even look at me, I'm, like, so embarrassed!

Off to school the twins go.

They look a little to okay with going to school.

Charity brings home a friend from school: Amar Medoza.
me: Um, Charity, don't plan on me letting this one go to college with you...your kids would be DOOMED to nose-hell.

IanJr: I wonder where my cat could be? Oh where, oh where could he be?
me: isn't that from a song?

me: oh, look what the cat dragged in! Welcome home, Omni!

Charity: welcome home, Lil-Omni. Give me a kiss

me: You're such a lady, Charity.
Charity: *giggle*

IanJr: Hey SGT! How YOU doing?

Chastity studies in her bedroom - yup that's her confused self over there.

Charity studies in her room.

Next time: vacation and then college (cuz I'm about to lose my mind at this slow pace!)

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