Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cha 2.9b The Orient Express

When we last left the McAuley's, Aribeth had just destroyed the snowman that Darius and Demetrius had worked so hard creating. Mean ole Aribeth!

Darius: I hate her!
Demetrius: she's our sister and we should forgive her.
me: oh, family sims! Forgive, shmoregive! I'd be mad, too.

Aribeth: hey! sup with you!? Wanna sneak out?
Aribeth: no, no, no! We won't get caught! Pick me up, k?

The boys play chess 'cuz they need logic points, says I.

Aribeth: *squeeka* *squeeka*

Elmer Fudd: be vewy vewy quiet.

Aribeth: whew! I made it.

And look who's driving!
me: Charity McAuley! When did you learn to drive a limo!?

ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Hello, Ossifer Friendly! What have we here?

Aribeth: my parents are going to keel me!

Esther: oh, my baby! I'm so glad you are here. . .

Esther: . . . but if you sneak off again, you'll be grounded for life!

Aribeth: *sigh*
that's right, hang your head down in shame.

Aribeth: Sim Goddess Tina, I'm soooo sad!

Birthday Time


Demetrius: my sister is crazy.....hmmm...can I wish for her to shut up?

Demetrius: whhhhhhhoo

Aribeth: whoop-uh-dee-dooo!

no crazy Neil genetics!
I love you, Demetrius!

Now it's Darius's turn
(even though he's older)

Demetrius: so Sim Goddess Tina, I done good, eh?
me: you sure did, kid. You're only down fall for being the heir is that you are a family sim and I've had it for a while with them, but we'll see.

Darius: aha! I know what I'll wish for!

Darius: whhhhhhhhoo


Esther: :
Demetrius: :)
Aribeth: :o
Darius: Suh-weet!

Aribeth: tee hee hee

Ghostie Ian is back
um, I'm not sure what you are looking for in there.

Vacation Time!



Esther and Aribeth

Demetrius and Darius

The hotel in the Orient

Neil checks the family in.

Neil: Oh please, oh please can I get rich?

Neil: *sigh* nothing? I get nothing? Not one red cent?

Neil: *ugh*
me: see what you get when you make that kind of challenge? A near death experience.

A tour that brings everyone a body point.
I can't remember how, though.

So Family McAuley, how are you enjoying the Orient?

Demetrius: ahh! I love it. I found a map to a secret location that I can't get to no matter how I try and no matter who's holding it, but I'm having a great time.

Aribeth: *sigh* it's wonderful here. I've learned the local greeting and won at Majong. I tried to learn to teleport, but I answered the question incorrectly, but this tub sooths away that one.

Darius: yeah, it's okay, here. I haven't found a map, but I keep digging and then getting stinky.

Esther: *beams* ahhhhhhhh

Neil: ditto

Aren: what are YOU TALKING about!? I'm not sure why, but I'm having a terrible time here. I keep walking up to people and chest pounding my greeting and I get negative scores.
me: that's because you need to learn THEIR greeting.

Family pictures


me: you look a little stiff.

me: that's better.

Demetrius? Are you okay?

Fun family shot.

Candid shot
Neil became too stinky to be bearable.

Time to go home

Immediately upon their return, it's time to send the teens to college.
First up: Aribeth
Aribeth: uh, yeah, I'd like to come to college, now.

Darius: *guh-faw*

Bye Aribeth! See you there!

Demetrius is up next.

see ya later!

Esther: bye, Darius, have fun at college.

Darius closes the taxi door and is off.
This is where we leave this family. Next time, we'll be at the University - and maybe we'll even pick out the heir.

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