Saturday, May 10, 2008

Evan Legacy Chapter 1.2

We ended our last visit with Evan and Kirsten just before Faith’s birthday so let’s rejoin the celebration into childhood, now.

Faith's bday - and she's a bit wobbly
Kirsten: Woohoo! You're growing up!

Faith loves her cake!
Faith: I can eat more than the mush I got as a toddler

Chase and Hope have puppies....For Cute!!

It's time for the Irwin's to move
Faith: I'll play with my bubbles while my parents pack it up.
The newspaper kid: And I'll watch you play with those bubbles! Can we be friends?

The new house

The interior of the new house

The puppies were too much to care for so I had the family give them up for adoption.
I had no idea I'd get this reaction from Kirsten....seriously, she cried about it forever!

One last look goodbye *tear*

Kirsten was so upset, she burned her dinner - or it could be that she has like no cooking points.
Kirsten: you're damned straight I burned my food; I'm sad about the puppies - they were so cute and cuddly and then YOU make us give them up!

I just wanted to see what this machine I sent Evan out to be my guinea pig,
I'm mean to play.

Evan: I don't know about standing in this bucket of water. Are you sure I won't get hurt?
Me: *walks away*

Evan: WTF!

Well, at least he's grinning... . . .it can't have been all bad, right?

Evan: I'm marching, I'm marching!
Me: are you okay?

Evan: I command you to play dead!
Me: I guess he's okay. . . .right?

Evan: you're an obedient dog
Me: I agree, Chase, just play dead and maybe he'll stop staring

Suddenly there's snow on the ground - Faith loves it and is always playing in it....

Me: hi Faith...where'd you get that camera?
Faith: Found it in thin air, silly

me: Faith, how did you get this picture from inside the house?
Faith: It's magic.

I wanted to see some of the Open for Business things that I hadn't played with before so I sent Evan out to see the town. He's really a good sport.

Evan: what's your name?
Hair chick: Celeste is my name
Evan: Well, Celeste, don't mess this up

Celeste jumps right in for the makeover

me: Celeste, I hope you can run, girl.

me: Evan, don't cover up! Let me see the damage - I mean the makeover.

me: LOL!

So we leave this chapter with Evan in an unhappy state of appearances. When we catch up with them next, we'll see Faith become that hottie teen I mentioned in the last chapter.

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