Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cha 2.4 More and More Babies

Welcome back to the Aeric/Atina Legacy.
Last chapter:
1. Mallory was pregnant and had baby Clarissa
2. Aeric was on a mission to track down his captor aliens
3. Atina finished detailing her car
4. Mallory got pregnant with #2
5. Aeric got even with those evil aliens.

Mallory pops with pregnancy #2 - and she's happy about it.

so I fixed up this old piece of junk with my own two hands.

Well, what else is a fixed up car good for!?
Aeric: You know, it's hot that you fixed this up. We could always "play" in here.

Atina: My thoughts, exactly.

Mallory: oh! YUCK! I just threw up a little in my mouth!

Clarissa's Birthday!

Mallory: wwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

White boyish tuxedo?

Yup, blond it is.
Aeric has blond eyebrows. It's the only hair he has, but that gene carried forward.
And now he loves his granddaughter, even with no clean points.

Clarissa colors

Bastion loves his daughter.

I just like this picture of Clarissa eating....and I can't get over it: BLOND?

So, I'm gonna give myself some time to swallow that shocker and check in with Braxton and RoseMarie.

me: how are you guys?
RoseMarie: not feeling too well. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm *gulp*
me: I take it Braxton doesn't know?

RoseMarie goes to work.
I wanted to test out the Freetime dance bar, so I have RoseMarie in dance.

Some things never change: Braxton is chased by bees.
me: get in the car and go to work
Braxton: ::run::
me: get in the car and go to work AND THE BEES WILL STOP CHASING YOU!

me: RoseMarie, whatcha doing?
RoseMarie: well, you see, we have NO money because you won't type in a little cheat called "kaching" so I have to make my own money.
me: very innovative.

RoseMarie gets a makeover just in time to meet Braxton's father Aeric.

Aeric: . . . . so you match up the colors, like so, and that's how you play.
RoseMarie: I don't get it.

I hope he doesn't think I'm stupid.
Aeric: What a strange girl. Cute. Not too bright, though.

Aeric: thank God you're here.
Braxton: it's so nice to see you, Dad!

me: Braxton, what are you doing? RoseMarie did that yesterday.
Braxton: She told me. But she also tells me you won't type in a little cheat called "kaching" so I have to make us more monies.

Time for some quick nuptials.
Too poor to buy the arch.
Braxton: this ring signifies the HUGE sacrifice I'm making to be with you.

RoseMarie: this ring is to show that you're stuck with me.

Bad memories all around.
Both are unhappy with my decision to get them married.
me: TOO DAMNED BAD! Live with it!

Bump #2
me: hurry up! this is taking too long!
Braxton: Hello, baby. Hurry up, you're taking too long to cook.

RoseMarie: ask and you shall receive! THIS IS HORRIBLE PAIN!

Braxton: OMG! I'm about to be a dad!


Welcome baby Sylviana, who's stats I've left somewhere.


Braxton: That's how we're doing. Thanks for stopping by.

Back at the Aeric/Atina household, Clarissa is waking up awful early.

Such a sad face

Aeric loves his granddaughter and comes to rescue her from the crib

Aeric teaches Clarissa to walk

Memories to last a lifetime

Atina teaches her granddaughter a nursery rhyme.

Sandy stops by to visit her sister Atina.
Atina: it's so good to see you!
Sandy: mmmmmmm,
::big hugs::

The legacy portraits
Two generations down, 8 more to go

Clarissa with Jack-In-The-Box that Grandpa Aeric made her. Let's find out how she reacts, shall we?

Clarissa: ooohhhhh!

Clarissa: ::hugs::

Mallory: Sim Goddess Tina! Not to interrupt your spam of my cute daughter, but I think the labor has begun.
Perfect timing, Mallory!

It is time to bid adeiu to our readers. Thanks for reading. Until next time.

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