Monday, October 13, 2008

Cha 2.8 Ian, Is That You!?

It's been a couple of weeks since I made an update to the Sandy LisonB legacy. I was out of town, so even the Aeric/Atina and Evan Legacies were shorter than normal and I had details missing from the stats, but now I'm back and can catch up the Sandy Legacy.

So we last left this family with three birthdays in progress: Aribeth, Demetrias and lets get back to it:

Sandy is excited to live to see another birthday...lets hope there's no visit from the Grim Reaper today.

Demetrius: wanna cake!
Neil: aren't you cute Demetrius: wanna CAKE!

Esther: whhhhhhhhoooo
Darius looks kinda evil at this angle.

Esther: whhhhhhhoooooo (some more)

Aribeth: hmmmmmm, what kind of wish do I want???? hmmmmmmmmm
me: chopity-chop, girly, we're trying to move this legacy along!

me: she must have made her wish
Aribeth: whhhhhhhhhh

Demetrius flies into childhood.

Demetrius: my arms came with me! Cool!

Aribeth sparkles

Aribeth grows up into a lovely teenager
Aren: *wolf whistle*

Darius is the last to grow up
me: nice outfit, kid, who bought you that?

Aribeth teenager (her stats will come later). A lot cuter than I thought she'd be.

Neil: I've made the best toaster bake-up...but you boys can eat some cheese and crackers.
me: Dad? Is that you? Can I have a bite of your zinger?
Oh, sorry, side tracked - back to the story.

So I wanted Sandy to explore around lots I'd never been to, so I sent her to some cemetery in the middle of the night and we ran into a bundled up vampire.

Sandy joins a bunch of night stalkers at a game of poker
Lone Man: Once I played a high stakes game on an airplane.
Bundled Vamp: did you say stake? stake? is that a threat?
Brown Hair: Vampy, don't be so sensitive...unless you want to talk about how you're wearing the EXACT same coat I am.
Sandy: I'll bet 15.

Of course, I was ELATED to find a witch join the lot.
Meet: Chloe Carlson - she's got a smile, but don't let that fool you

Sandy: . . . so, there I was playing poker and then Sim Goddess Tina cancelled that action and sent me running out here to meet you.
Chloe: I'm going to eat you

After a few minutes of chatting, the sun comes up, our Vamp friend runs away burning (I didn't include a picture) and we're joined by Vicki Seiff - who looks her evil part.
Vicki: *thinking* Nice bait, Chloe, she looks delish!

Evil Vicki immediately starts casting

Chloe: So Sandy, here's the million dollar question: can I pay you to become a witch?
Vicki: ha ha ha ha ha, I'll get that Sandy!

More evilness from both witches

Sandy fights off invisible cockroaches
(damn! I need a new graphics card!)

After some recovery time, Sandy is home and finishing all her skills - now she can die a happy woman.

me: Aribeth, what are you doing?
Aribeth: looking for something to wear. I have NO CLOTHES! All the kids in high school are gonna laugh at me.

Shelby Barrett (some random sim walking by): Gag me with a spoon! Like, oh my gosh, that Neil guy is so, like, horribly ugly. Ugh!

me: Hey, Neil? What you got there?
Neil: you'll see.

Neil: Shelby, look across the street at that Purple Tree!

Shelby: I don't see anyth...whaaaaaa

Shelby: whaaaaaat's thiiiiiiiiiissssssss!?
me: yes, Neil, what is this?

Neil: evil laugh - HEE HEE HEEE HEEEEEEEE

Shelby: Raaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh!

Neil: ooooooo, I just need that last little knowledge point
me: WHAT? you stole her knowledge!?
Neil: It'll teach her to make fun of me!

Moments after that interaction ended, the school bus pulled up with the boys.
First off is Darius.
me: How was your first day at school, Darius?
Darius: well, let me see.
me: let me guess....

me: shocker of shockers *yawn*
Darius: I don't understand.
me: it's always the same. *filing my nails*
I just loved Darius's scowl

me: so how did you do, Demetrius, or can I guess?

Demetrius: I don't understand.
me: me neither

Time to get the fun points up. Let's see how this contraption for Apartment Life does.
Demetrius: Cool! I can see the neighbors from here.

Darius: heeeee
me: I guess it helps build fun, right?

Aribeth: I need to build my fun, too.

Aribeth: sit, sit, sit; wow! that's one yellow pole.

Homework time
Esther helps a bewildered Demetrius

Neil helps Darius

me: IAN!
Ian appeared just after sun down and cried that he had died. (sad)

Ian: oooogah boogah!
me: guess he realized how much fun being dead is?

Neil: oh, what a terrible memory I'll have forever now.
Ian: ha ha ha ha ha. My work here is done!

Ian: SandyyYYY!
Sandy: ah! Ian!

Sandy: I saw Ian's ghost - not happy about that! Maybe I'll use his telescope to ponder the universe

Ian: Don't use my crap! Ooogah boogah!
me: jerk. what happened to nice Ian? Dude, keep it up and you'll be in that cemetary Sandy was exploring!

In the night, Ian wanders the lot and moves lamps and fills up EVERY SINGLE bathtub in the house!

Darius gets up just before sunrise to finish his homework with Aren's help.
Ian wanders by.

Ian: so this is my tombstone, huh?

Ian: well, it's time to get back to sleep...Here....

Ian: . . . . I . . .

Ian: . . .go. . .

me: guess the rest isn't so peaceful, eh?
well, this is where we'll end this for now.....spoookyyyyy!

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