Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cha 3.2 Walking Through Fire

Sandy LisonB Legacy
With a faster computer and better graphics, I'm able to play more sims time than before. woot, woot! Welcome back to the Sandy LisonB legacy.

I took this picture of Neil because I had to admire that there are fish in the tank now. *claps hands with glee*

Aribeth: oh, hey, Sim Goddess Tina. Thanks for upgrading your computer so that we can be played more often.
Ian returns as a ghost....

...a ghost on a rampage, apparently.
Poor Aren.

Arbeth: I don't feel so good.

Pop #1
me: Yup, that explains the previous picture.

Avri loves his little son Orbit

Time to ramp up some logic skill points

I really just wanted to see the drafting table at work.

Aribeth: Oh! I just popped the #2 bump.
Aren: that's weird.

Aribeth poses for her legacy portrait.

Dog-gonnit! I forgot YET another birthday.

Orbit bursts into toddlerhood

Weird picture of Aren.
me: Aren, are you okay?
Aren: helping the kid walk, concentrating.....
me: just wondering if it hurts to lose your neck.

happy memory

Aribeth: my tummy is convulsing....I think it's labor
me: yup, probably

Esther waits patiently for her new grandbaby

Maid: what can I do? nothing? okay, then, back to work.

Aribeth: the pain is unbearable.....

Welcome Cole
(who's stats are exactly those of Orbit, if I remember correctly)

Creepy Orbit cheek bones.

Poor seems that Ian's ghost has it in for him.

Aribeth: Peek-a-boo!
Orbit: *whimper*

Orbit: *smiles*

I sent Aren outside to clear up some leaves and had him burn the leaf piles....duh!

Cool headed Neil, pulls out the extinguisher, everyone else panics.

Esther: Jump out of the flames, Aren
Aren: I'm trying!

me: *panic* NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Aribeth: I'll get it! hold still
Esther: choppity on the chop, Aribeth!
me: get on it, Aribeth

me: F%#K! Hurry Aribeth!

me: whew! I think Esther made it, even though poor Aren didn't.

me: WHAT!? *throws a temper tantrum on this side of the screen*

Grim: Well, let's see here. Aren Bigfoot? Not on the list....hmmmm.

Grim: well, his ashes are here, so let's add him....
Aribeth: I NEED A BATH!
me: Bitch! get out of my site! *grrrrrrr* *seething*

Avri: I can't believe you let that happen, Sim Goddess Tina.....*sob*

Grim: well, here's the tombstone for Aren. Sim Goddess Tina, don't look at me that way.

Avri: I'll get those ashes for the urn. *sniffle*
me: *still seething and in shock*

Grim: yeah...okay......nope, she's pretty mad........resurrection?.....we'll see......

Grim: here's the tombstone for Esther.... *sad*

It's a sad day in the house

Aribeth: I can't believe it's a regular tombstone...she'd reached her lifetime wants and everything..... *sob*

me: sweet Esther as a teen with IanJr. *stunned*

So, I was so mad, I didn't turn on my game for, like, three days...I was deciding how to proceed...and then I made the decision.

Aribeth: Uh, Hello? Grim? Yup, she made up her mind......let's do it.

Aribeth: Green smoke? Is that right?

me: *giddy with anticipation*

Esther: My hands are here...perfect fingers.....

Esther: YIPPEEE!
me: *smiles*

Aribeth: this was the best decision EVER!

the tombstone dissapates....yay.

Neil: welcome home. Let's have us some alone time, shall we?

Oh look! Since I'd reloaded my game, Sandy's tombstone was missing and I had chalked it up as a loss...and then I found her urn.

Date night for this happy occasion.

Avri: Isn't it so cool that we have your mom back?

Aribeth: to you and my mom and the family....
me: and what about me?

me: woah! what's up, guys? All I can say is: no more kids, okay?

me: oh....that's pretty innocent; a picture.
Avri: for posterity.
I really debated about letting the game play out the way it had happened...even if it made me mad. But in the end, there's a reason that creepy skeleton phone was I went for it.

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