Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sandy LisonB Chapter 1.2

We last left Sandy and Ian with the nanny being fired. Let’s rejoin the LisonB-McAuley family here on Esther’s birthday.

Sandy helps Esther into toddler-hood. She is so cute! (I almost missed this moment)

Esther is always crying in the crib....she never just sits and plays.
But seriously: isn't that the cutest little face!?

Esther: Waaaaaahhhh (interpreted: get me the F*%# out of this prison!)
me: there they are - those perfect set of lungs.

Sandy helps Esther out. Isn't that tender, the way Esther put her head on Sandy's shoulder?

The American dream.
Sandy: All we need now is a son to complete the perfect family.

Well, that didn't take much convincing, did it?

1st bump

me: wake up, Sandy. You're spacing out here.

Sandy: Oh! Hey Esther! I forgot I was holding you.

Sandy: tickle, tickle
Esther: *giggle* *giggle*

Birthday Time!

Sandy: I'll put you on the floor and you grow up. It's like magic.

Esther looks like she'll give you some magic, all right.

Esther: Mom, you have a bump on your belly.

Atina: Sandy, you have a bump on your belly!

Sandy: I'm so tired - *passes out in the food*

me: Sandy, honey, time to go to bed. Sleeping in your food can't be good for you or the baby
Sandy: oh, I think I broke my nose.

Esther and Faith are in the same class.
(Faith is Evan and Kirsten's daughter, in case you haven't read that)

Ian and Esther go for a swim in the evening. He needs body points and she needs fun.
(hey Ian is in this chapter!)

Meanwhile, in the house, Sandy flags me down to tell me . . . .

Sandy: I think I'm in labor!

Sandy: I hate natural child birth! Give me morphine!

We'll end this chapter here. Next time we'll find out if this completes the perfect American family. And we'll include more of Ian on this family...he really is still part of the family - AND he's a good dad!

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