Saturday, March 7, 2009

Evan Legacy Cha 3.1 A New Dawn

I'm back. I'm sorry for my absence. I needed a Sims break, so I took it. Now I'm making time to play again (I really want to finish before I get the Sims3 - IF I get the Sims3)
So welcome back to the Evan Legacy.
We are on Generation 3.
The Generation 3 Heir is Chastity.
Her stats:
Sign: Gemini
Aspiration: Pleasure
Turn On #1: Hats
Turn On #2: Black Hair
Turn Off: full face makeup
LTW: Become a game designer
College Degree: completed in Mathematics
Hobby: Sports
Badge: none so far
Sloppy: 3
Outgoing: 6
Active: 7
Playful: 5
Nice: 5

The first thing I have Chastity do when she gets home from college, is head out and buy new clothes and get another makeover.
me: how do you like the ensemble?
Chastity: eh. It'll work.

First things first: let's re-acquaint Chastity with her high school and college sweetheart: Vince Jalowitz.

2nd, say hello to Omni
Chastity: I love my Omni...sweet Omni.

Well that didn't take long. To the wedding ceremony, then.

A nice, evening, backyard wedding for these two.

Wedding I Do's:

Entertainment = sparklers.
hey! I used to have hours of entertainment writing out my name in the sky.

Chastity shoved the cake in Vince's mouth....
Chastity: Take this and like it
Vince: mmmmffff

Chastity: it's been so long since you played us that I forgot how to do the dance moves.
me: it's like riding a bike.


Kinda a crazy messy scene...I mean, what are we looking at here?
Christina: *stare* *stare*
Aribeth: *stare* *stare*
Every one seems amazed by IanJr.

Vince: Dude! I'm totally not staring at my new dad-in-law.

Poor Charity....
Charity: if only I'd been the heir.
me: I could only pick one, I'm sorry! I don't think you would have been married so fast, do you?
Charity: hell no!
me: see...that's why you're not the heir...and do you really want to be?

Chastity: So, Vince, what now?
Vince: la la la la la, I'm not hearing you.

Vince: oh wait! I am hearing you cuz I'm gonna get me some.
Chastity: uh, okay.

Did I just hear a lullaby chime?
(BTW, this is the next day and like their 3rd attempt to have a baby)

Two ghosts!
Kirsten and Hope travel together.

Kirsten: RAAAAR!
She really did yell several times....she's quite unhappy to be in the spirit form.

Faith: ARGH!

One more bad memory. Thanks, Kirsten.

Omni is seeing stars. LOL!

Chastity: *gasp* what the shit is this? My belly just popped!
Faith: pretty stars

Faith: IanJr and I didn't get married until the day the twins were born.
Vince: *shocked*
me: LOL!

Vince: well we're totally married. We exchanged rings and everything.

Vince: So there's a baby in there, huh?

Vince: Hello, baby.

Whoa! What's your beef, Gypsy Queen?
This was my first time seeing this and it caught me off guard.

Gypsy: yay me! I rock! Look how nice I am! *clap* *clap* *clap*

It's a genie lamp.
We'll play with that later *wink* *wink*

Chastity kept rolling up the want to drink juice, but it was never satisfied while drinking the fruit = no juice.

Chastity: GAWD! What is this shit? My belly just exploded outward! AGAIN!

Both: nom nom nom.

Chastity: I'm freakin' out here...what's going on?
me: I'm thinking labor.

Chastity: oh, the PAAAAIIINNNNNNNNN!

Faith: here I come! I'll help you!

IanJr: I'll be there for moral support!

Vince: *yawn* It seems to be under control

IanJr: OMG! That's too much to see of my daughter! *freak out*
Faith: oh, why do you embarrass me?
Vince: what's going on? Why is Dad-in-law freaking out?

Chastity: frrrrrreewwwwwwwww

Welcome little Serenity!
Generation FOUR
Vince's eye color, Chastity's skin tone and hair color...what else will emerge?

Vince: it's a baby!!! BABY!

Vince: hello, baby. I'm your dad.

Vince: that's right, ME, I'm your dad.

Vince is a really good dad so far (okay, we're one day in)

Serenity Stats
Sign: Scorpio
Neat: 10
Shy: 3
Active: 9
Playful: 9
Grouchy: 1
Yeah! I'm starting generation 4! Woot woot!

by the way, here are Vince's stats:
Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: family
I don't have his turn ons and turn offs
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Hobby: Tinkering
Neat: 6
Shy: 3
Active: 6
Serious: 4
Nice: 6


Anonymous said...

Your blog theme is cute - it's like unwrapping a present :-)

And it's cool how you have all that info about your sim laid out in the post - one can refer back to it and be able to correlate the action with the bio :-)

The Lunar Fox said...

"Chastity: it's been so long since you played us that I forgot how to do the dance moves."

That made me laugh. Sounds like the animals in Animal Crossing when I don't play for a week or two.

The new baby looks cute! Dark hair and green eyes? That's a beautiful combo.