Friday, September 26, 2008

Cha 2.7 The Chips Fall

Here we are, back the the Aeric and Atina legacy.
Here's the history:
1. Atina and Aeric met in college and were later married
2. They had three children: Bastion (married Mallory); Braxton (married RoseMarie) and Belle (married Max)
3.Bastion and Mallory have two children: Clarissa and Christina
4. Braxon and RoseMarie have one daughter: Sylviana

We start with Braxton and RoseMarie checking out a new apartment.
RoseMarie: the green is not so great, but I like the space.

RoseMarie signs the lease.

Thief Nanny: Oh, the money tree has ripe money. Awesome!
me: hey you, thief! That's not yours.

Thief Nanny: all mines

Sylviana wakes up and wants out of the crib; where's the thief nanny?

oh, she's searching the Internet for food? recipes? in any case, not being a nanny.
Finally a response.

Sylviana: bah-tel, bah-tel
Thief Nanny: yes, bottle is the correct word. Good girl.

Thief Nanny, the worst nanny EVER, takes off for the bench outside, leaving Sylviana inside hungry and alone. (sad)

RoseMarie: Where's Sylviana? Where's Sylviana?

RoseMarie: THERE she is!

Sylviana: *gasp* *lip quiver*
Poor Sylviana is traumatized first by Thief Nanny and now by RoseMarie.

Braxton takes Sylviana out to the apartment park where she loves the yard ride.

Birthday Time!

Sylviana: yeah, I'm a real girl!

Back at the Atina/Aeric house:
Chrissy and Clarissa bond over drawing

Chrissy: pic-tue
me: picture?
Chrissy:pic-tue *nod*
me: yes, it's very nice.

Clarissa: my dog rocks!

Aeric hugs Clarissa - these two have a nice and cute little bond

Clarissa bonds with Chrissy over a game of peek-a-boo

me: what are you looking so confused about, Clarissa?
Clarissa: how does it stay up there?
me: what?

Clarissa: the kite?
me: the wind keeps it up in the sky.
Clarissa: oh...that's kewl

Aeric takes Abigail on a walk - more family bonding for Aeric
(where's Atina in this chapter?)

Chrissy is just like all other toddlers: hates the crib and loves being rescued.

MORE bonding!
Aren't you just the perfect little old grandpa, Aeric?

yup - even MORE....
Aeric: Once upon a time, in an old little village....

Aeric: ...our damsel went out to receive a special message from a most peculiar messenger....
me: yes? go on. what happens?

Clarissa plays with her jack-in-the-box that Granpa Aeric made for her

and, OF COURSE, she LOVES it!

MORE bonding at the fishing hole.
Clarissa: what the sh*t is this happy horse sh*t
Bastion: Woah! Watch your mouth, young lady. Who taught you how to speak like that!?
Aeric: a-hem! Look! I caught a big fish!
me: so, Mr. Happy Bonding Aeric isn't so perfect after all, eh? Teaches Clarissa to curse like a sailor, I would never do that, personally.

Clarissa is not too happy over that boot she caught.
Clarissa: you bet your bottom dollar! makes me so mad!

AND MORE BONDING - big shocker, I know.
Two peas in a pod.

Birthday Time!
So I sent Mallory to give her friend RoseMarie a 'friendly' hug and the next thing I hear is the sound of the loud-somethings-not-right-gong telling me that some kind of cheating has just taken place, so I head back over to the clan and this is what I find.
RoseMarie: happily in love with Mallory
Mallory: being slapped by Braxton and Bastion for cheating! What!? It was a damned hug! a 'friendly' hug!

Bastion: *sob* *sobbity* *sob*
me: oh, Bastion, get over it! It was a FRIENDLY hug. they didn't kiss or make out or feel each other up, they hugged like friends sometimes do!

Mallory picks up Christina for the bday cake

Can we just get to the growing up?
Braxton: woot!

Belle: Cheater! Usurper!

Christina: cake

Christina grows up into a cute, adorable little girl.
Christina: heaven's calling my name!
(notice how happy Clarissa looks in the back ground)

Christina: Yeah! I'm a child!
Clarissa: hey! I think she might be prettier than me! I hate her.

So Bastion is pretty upset over that 'cheating' hug and pulls out his handy Voodoo Doll

me: don't look at me.

Bastion: TAKE THAT!

Bastion: .... AND THAT!

To end, what would otherwise be a ROTTEN party, we throw in some fireworks

At least it makes the girls happy.

Bastion: I will not sleep in the same bed as my cheating wife! Are you crazy!?
me: oh - my - gosh!!!

Mallory: I'm sorry, please come to bed? It was a hug. a friendly hug.

Bastion: not happening tonight. you sleep in the extra bed that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

so, off to seperate beds they go.

Date Night
me: I guess it's worth mending the fense?
Bastion: Hello, Mr Host Man, my wife and I are trying to mend a broken trust, can you give us a perfect evening in which to do that?
Mr Host Man: follow me, sir.

Mallory: I will have the Lobster Tail with lemon
Waitress: yes. and for you sir?
Bastion: I will have the shrimp.
Waitress: very good. I'll bring your drinks.

After some conversation and sharing of food, we catch a glimpse of a bit of a spark.
Me: yeah!

Atina helps Christina with her homework
Christina: it's hard to do homework and balance a pile of books above my head.
Atina: *stare*

Clarissa and Christina dance together for bonding.
Aren't they cute in their night gowns?

Chrissy: make my bed? what is that word?

Clarissa: what do you mean, make my bed?

Atina works on her mechanical and tinkering

Crazy food making robot. I'll need to experiment with this one.

Birthday Time!
I'm glad that ugly chapter is over! Next time we'll watch cute Clarissa grow up into a teenager and who knows what else we'll encounter? This is about as far as I've played this family.

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