Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catching Up With The Extras

I want to thank the Sims 3 blogging updates....I hope to join you.......someday.

I have been debating the idea of playing only the legacy families and leaving the extras behind in the neighborhood. I don't play them half as often as the legacy faimlies, but I have played them enough to make an update on their status.

Belle and Max Flexor

When Generation 3 came home from college, I moved Sylviana in with Belle and Max.

Belle - gaming.
Sylviana at her computer

Sylviana: thanks for letting me move in with you, Aunt Belle
Belle: Is this the kind of clothing your brought with you?
Sylviana: it's not a lot different from yours.

Max: party! that's what we need - celebrate our youth.
Belle: these chips are......mmm - mmmm - good.

me: whatcha doing?
Max: Playing conjoined twins.
Sylviana: pretty cool, huh?

me: what are you playing this time?
Sylviana: argh! Matey! it's a yo-ho-ho for me.
me: :)

I just wanted to see what it was like to fold up this this is what it's like

Sylviana invites her college friend over. I can't remember her name.

I decided to have College Pal move in and grow up.

College Pal: Even though you don't remember my name, thanks for the cool make over.
me: not a problem.

So you didn't realize it did you? These two hit it off in college in more than just friendship. I tried to get Sylviana to move on, but she constantly had College Pal in her dream I, here they are.

Bride Wanna-Be: *gasp* and she moved in with that crazy makeover?

Bride Wanna-Be: Who does Sim Goddess Tina think she is, anyway?

I think they're cute together. So piss off, Desperate Bride Wanna-Be!

Braxton and RoseMarie Irwin

Clarissa moved in with her uncle after college.
Clarissa: hey Mr Landlord, aren't you excited that I'm here?

Mr. Landlord: you don't have a are you going to pay the rent?

Clarissa: OH!!! You're one of THOSE kind of landlords. I'll leave it to my aunt, then.

Mr Landlord: hello Pretty Lady. so you want to rent a place, huh?
Braxton: what was that? Did you hit on my wife?

Braxton: I'll kick his ass in this game...that's what I'll do!
me: oh, snap! LOL!

Mr Landlord: just sign here, and you can move in immediately.

Clarissa: Uncle Braxton, hit me as hard as you can! no really, do it!
Braxton: here comes a dead arm.

Braxton: just kidding, kiddo.
me: strange place to be hanging out....the bathroom?

RoseMarie: HEYyyyyyy! Chill out, dude!

Loony Lady: Sim Godess Tina! You! You!
me: *grin*

me: I was grinning, not smiling.

Loony Lady: *through gritted teeth* don't you back talk me.

me: *smile is gone*

Clarissa: don't worry, Sim Goddess Tina, that lady is mental!
me: *lip quiver*


Chastity: Light the corners of my mind *snicker*

Clarissa: ha ha ha ha ha - Misty *giggle* water-colored memories

Darius: Of the way we were - HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Demetrius & Darius McAuley and Chastity Irwin

Demetrius: I can't bear to be without you, Robin, marry me right here and now?
Robin: okay

oh, happy day

Chastity: I totally don't recognize you with your new makeover

Demetrius: *stalk*
Robin: I'm kinda anxious about "doing it"

Darius: Cheerleader Chick, what are you doing? did you follow me from college?
Cheerleader Chick: Darius! Old friend! How nice to see you!
me: that's not how I remember it.
(I had them woohoo....tee hee hee)

Darius: I totally did it with her...really I her and leave her, I say.
Demetrius: *read* *read* *read*

Robin: Look at how clean this toilet is! spick and span!

me: OH! what did you do!?!?!?

Chastity really does live here, too....she's a pirate. A real life pirate!

Robin is stranger than a lot of simmies I've seen...eating, sleeping and very little else exhaust her REALLY FAST!

hey, look, it's my friend Tasha in Sim form! Nice to see you!
Tasha: you too, Tina!
me: *ah-hem* it's Sim Goddess Tina in this world. Just fyi. tee-hee

This is Darius's new found favorite thing to do in his spare time: drink! and drink A LOT!

Darius: whatcha doin? eating a hamburger?
Chastity: I guess if you can call it that..sure.


Robin: oh!
me: what? what? I don't see anything!
Robin: something just happened.
me: I still don't see anything.

me: oh, there it is! Bump #1

Robin: I'm so sleepy. Now that I'm with child, I'll be even more tired all the time and you can multiply my restroom needs expinentially!
me: oh, goody, can I?

Chastity is now a real life fire fighter.
That's how the non-heirs - the extras, if you will, are doing.