Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cha 2.2 Now You're Dead!

Welcome back to the Evan Irwin Legacy. This family brought the first "real" death to my game (poor Chase), Faith got engaged to IanJr and Evan taught us how to make ribs.
IanJr has graduated college and has now moved into the house.

Kirsten: you know that her father is gonna kill you when he finds out you're engaged.
IanJr: I love her so much. How can he be mad about that?

Kirsten: My dear boy, when you have a daughter, you will understand.

IanJr: So this is kinda awkward, me living here, us sharing a bed, your dad totally unaware of our relationship.
Faith: yeah, well, he's in denial.

IanJr: so you wanna? Woohoo? Make Sim Goddess Tina happy with a new generation?

Faith: I'm dazed from that romp.

IanJr: That totally ROCKED!
me: did I just hear a lullaby?

Kirsten's favorite hobby is tinkering.
Kirsten: I feel so overwhelmed? What should I put down first?

Hope's perspective of the mail lady.
Hope is not a fan of the mail lady.
Hope growls at the mail lady each day.

IanJr's favorite hobby is fitness. Whew!

Kirsten: Hi Hope, scootch over a bit for mama.

Hope: Grrrrrrrrrr
(*I don't think so beotch*)

Faith's first pregnancy bump. At least she's happy about it cuz there's no hiding it from Evan, now!
Kirsten heads down the stairs to her train set.

Kirsten plays with her trains, but seems unaware that there's a fire brewing

The Grim!
Kirsten: Faith, save me!

Faith: please, oh, please, oh, pleeeeeaassse, save my mom.
Grim: hey ther, hot stuff!
me: hey skanky ass ho bitch Maid! GTFO!

Faith: I'm pregnant and can't do this without my mom! Can you really deny this pleading and begging face?

Grim: oh . . . . . .okay, you can have your mom back for now.
Faith: WOOHOO!

Faith: That's right! In your face!
The Grim makes good on his word and brings a sagging Kirsten back to life.
Faith: Hey, there's a mini reaper above my head.

Faith: I've engraven your face into my memory.

Grim: That's twice, now, Kirsten, that you have been saved from my clutches. Know this: there is no third time.

(that's right, this is the 2nd time! Remember when she was in college? The cow plant enjoyed a nice Kirsten treat)

Time to add a fire detector to this room.

Hope chews her bone. Isn't she so cute?
Hope: Grrrrrrrrr

Oh, by the way, I finally made a little grave for Chase.

Faith's 2nd pop

Evan repaints his legacy portrait. Due to some glitch, the first one just up and disappeared like a fart in the wind.

IanJr: A word of advise, to you: NEVER open a spaceman's helmet on an unchartered planet. Your eyeballs could be sucked from their eye sockets!

Evan makes chocolates
(gotta say, Maxis, this sure looks an awful lot like poop)

Evan: it puts the chocolates in the box.

Evan: Now we add the sugar coating.

So Faith is pretty pregnant, so it's time to get her and IanJr married.
Faith: we better do this before my dad gets back.
IanJr: you don't have to tell me twice.

the pretty heart on the arch.

Faith: *rub* *pat*

Kirsten joins the couple as they begin their nuptials. She's the only guest and witness, which suits the couple nicely.

IanJr: Oh, Faith, I will love you and cherish you forever and ever.
Faith: Oh, IanJr, I love you and cherish you, too.

what the hell is this happy horse shit!?

The perfect place to take my leave. How will Evan handle the marriage. And there's a baby to add to the family pretty soon -

Next time we will welcome Generation three.

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