Friday, July 24, 2009

Cha. 3.2 Moving Along In Life

Aeric and Atina Legacy
It's been a long time since we followed the Aeric & Atina Legacy. I finally got a new computer with speed and graphics so I'm a much happier camper. I also purchased Sims 3, but I couldn't bring myself to just leave my legacies hanging out there, so I continue to play Sims 2 for now.

Catching up, we start with Bastion (generation 2 heir) as he ages to Elder.

Of course, his first new want is to retire, so that wish is granted. (See, I'm even speaking in Sims 3 lingo)

Christina (generation 3 heir) poses for her legacy portrait.

G-pa Bastion loves his grandson, Dylan.
Founder Atina makes a ghostly appearance and appears happy to see the legacy moving along nicely.

Oh, oops! Mallory ages to elder.

Christina: *ralph*
me: must be #2?

Christina: I'm content with one baby. I don't need another one.

what's up with this? No, no, walk right on through.

Christina: *shock*
me: surprise!
Christina: Pop #1

See! Fish! I can see them and not just their bubbles! Yeah new computer!

Christina: I was so content to have one baby.
Dylan: zzzzzzzz

Anniversary Party
Belle watched Mallory and Braxton play video games (I will age them up soon)
It doesn't look like Clarissa is impressed by Johnston.

Another, oops! Abigail ages to elder.

Cute Abigail ages up.

Christina: I loves my Abigail!
Abigail: guh-fah!

Christina: I wonder what I'll find in the trash?
me: isn't is YOUR trash? and should you have a contented smile when doing this?

Christina: oh look, I found some baby powder. I'll need that for the next baby. YOINK!

me: are you stalking your baby?
Johnston: he sleeps so peacefully.
me: and yet, he seems to know you're there....

oh! it's birthday time! I'm glad I remembered to set it up. *wink*

Christina: woot!

Mallory: yeah! Go grandson!

I love this picture! Look how cute Dylan is looking right at me! It's like he knows I'm there!

Okay, not so cute on the outfit!

But we get him to work on his Charisma immediately. That's what a good Sim Goddess does.

LOL! Mallory cleans out the potty.

Dylan as a toddler (and made over a bit)
Sign: Gemini
Sloppy: 4
Outgoing: 10
Active: 9
Serious: 4
Grouchy: 1

Bump #2

I power up the walking lessons.
Johnston: Come to daddy, glowing boy!

Yay, that lesson was short. That's what a good Sim Goddess does.

Painting the legacy portrait. (and looking huge!)
Christina: hey! It's my 2nd baby!

The legacy portraits.
Remember, there were two founders: Aeric & Atina
Generation 2: Bastion
Generation 3: Christina

Bastion poses with his plaque for maxing out his hobby!
Bastion: I'm so proud! I'd like to thank my parents for teaching me the love of nature.
me: and of course, me, right?
Bastion: and you are?

Ghosty Atina

and Ghosty Aeric appear on the same night.
But, unlike other ghosties I know, they do not scare their families.

Christina: can we come back to me? I'm in pain here! Thanks for that, Sim Goddess Tina.

LOL! in the middle of the labor, Bastion gives me this expression! LOL!
me: that's right! clean out the potty!

Welcome Dustin
stats: are the EXACT same as Dylan (it's like they are the same person or a clone)

Christina's stats:
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn On #1: Formal Wear
Turn On #2: Logical
Turn Off: Unemployed
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Degree: Biology
Hobby: Nature
Sloppy/Neat: 0
Shy/Outgoing: 8
Lazy/Active: 10
Serious/Playful: 10
Grouchy/Nice: 7

Johnston's Stats:
Sign: Leo
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn On #1: Black Hair
Turn On #2: Charisma
Turn Off: Plant Sim
LTW: Become a General
Hobby: Music & Dance
Sloppy/Neat: 4
Shy/Outgoing: 10
Lazy/Active: 4
Serious/Playful: 4
Grouchy/Nice: 3

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