Monday, October 13, 2008

Cha 2.8 Kittens R Cute

Welcome back to the Evan Irwin Legacy.
We left this fun and crazy family at a birthday for the twins to become teenagers.

Evan: woot! wooooooot!

Kirsten: Hooray! I love birthdays!

IanJr: I have daughters who are going to be on their own soon . . . . I mean, Yippeee!
Charity: Now, listen here, pink candles, you better grant my wish

Chastity: whhhhhoooo!

Charity: my butt is sparkling!

Charity: that didn't hurt too bad.
Kirsten: she's so pretty.

Chastity's turn.

Kirsten: her whole body just exploded into sparkles

Chastity: *gasp*
Charity: Damn, she's as cute as me....but that's okay.

me: what's this!?!?!? Grim! What is your malfunction!?

Charity: SGT, are you kidding me with this crap? Death on my birthday!? You suck.
me: it's not me....I can't make him go away....

Faith "cries softly"

Chastity: See ya, Grandma. (one last look)

Evan: sob!

Kirsten: Oh! You've already packed for that good or bad?
Family: SOB! SOB! SOB!

more sobbing
Kirsten disappears.

Thanks, Grim, for the "present" - the urn is just what we wanted for this day.

Bad memories for all.

Kirsten lived to be 74 days old.
My other stats cheat sheet is not with me so I can't tell you all of those, but I'll update that info later.
Either way, Kirsten added entertainment to me as her Sim Goddess Tina....and it's a sad day.

Among Kirsten's many accomplishments, Kirsten overcame death, not once, but TWICE!!
#1 - in college - Evan rescued her.

#2 - as an elder - Faith rescued her from the clutches of death.

Kirsten's Will:

She now lays with her precious puppies.

After all is said and done, we still have to make over the twins
Again, I don't have my stats sheet with me, so I'll update their LTW and aspirations later.

First up is the older of the two:
Charity's makeover

Chastity's makeover:

Hope's ghost makes an appearance later that night.

Hope checks out the new neighbor in the cemetery.

It's a smustling party - Evan joins in.
(we want that scholarship)

Faith: My Omni will fill my heart with love, won't you, baby?

It's a skilling party (IanJr, Evan and Faith)

Baker's Hat: Hello Faith, I'd like to welcome you to the baker's club....Faith?
me: don't interrupt a skilling party
Baker's Hat: Faith.....helllllooooooo! Baker's club? wanna join or what?
me: move along.

Shopping at the mall Chastity meets a teenage boy, Vince Jalowitz
Chastity: So I was potty trained as a young child.

Vince: such a flower....we could hook up you know.
me: not the most expected response, I'd say.

Charity heads on over to the mall dance club.
(what? doesn't your mall have one?)

After some flirting with boys and dancing, the twins get pictures together.



Now that the needs are in the red, it's time to go home.

The twins.

Charity plays with Omni

Evan plays with Omni....I guess we're all lonely for Kirsten, eh?

Chess?....chess?....really? chess is what you two come up with?
Do I need to resurrect Kirsten?!

Some excitement: Omni grows up into an adult cat.

Omni checks out his facilities

me: *yawn*

Omni in his bed....

wasn't he cute when he was a kitten?

kittens? cats? this is how we end this entry? *yawners* hopefully things will pick up a bit for next time.

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