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University Gen2 Year4 - Graduating Class

Welcome back to Simmington University where the three families have converged in one house. Let's catch up:
Atina and Sandy are twin sisters. Aeric and Evan are brothers. Aeric and Atina are married to each other. Evan is married to Kirsten (who he met when he was in college) and Sandy is married to Ian (who she also met in college).
Aeric and Atina Irwin have their three children: Bastion, Braxton and Belle.
Sandy and Ian have their two children: Esther and Ian Jr
Evan and Kirsten have sent their daughter: Faith.
All the children are attending Simmington University together and even live in the same house.
In addition, two others have joined the household: Mallory and RoseMarie.

We now join the group at Simmington University. As is the case, Senior year will fly by for our heirs.

Seniors: Bastion, Mallory, Faith and Esther
Juniors: Braxton, RoseMarie, and IanJr
Freshman (still)/Sophomore: Belle

So we always start a new semester jumping right on in to the term papers. If we don't, Sim Goddess Tina forgets and then we see low grades and no scholarship money.

Bastion: a nursery rhyme is a traditional song or poem taught to young children. Learning such verse assists in development of vocabulary, blah, blah, BLAH!
me: That'll make your parent's proud.

Mallory: As Loreli Winters stood listening to the farmer bending her ear, she wondered how much longer she would have to wait for him to be her lover. . . .
me: WHOA! Nice book, Mallory.
Mallory: I find it very educational.
me: uh-huhhhh.

Faith: Infants always do what they can do - and they should not be expected to do what they are not ready for.
me: :o
Faith: Arglaaak
me: what?

Esther: call sign - hardcoreprincess
hardcoreprincess: It's war, you lunatic "maskedmadman"
me: *snicker* what's going on, "hardcoreprincess"
hardcoreprincess: I have to save the planet from . . . *pause*
me: from who?
hardcoreprincess: from "maskedmadman" - whoever it is, I'm gonna get his troll ass!
me: so you like gaming
hardcoreprincess: can't . . . . talk! . . . Concentrating - GOTCHA!

IanJr: call sign - maskedmadman
maskedmadman: NO NO NO NO NO NO!
me: what
she got me! That F*#cking ant-queen got me again!!!
me: *snicker*

Braxton: oh, hi, Sim Goddess Tina
me: well, hello Braxton. whachya doin'?
Braxton: makin' breakfast

RoseMarie: *stare*
me: *snap* Hello RoseMarie *snap*snap*
RoseMarie: *stare*
me: okeley-dokeley

Mallory: "Chase, I--" Loreli began. His head tilted toward hers and he bent over her, a potent shadow closing out the night sky.
me: how's the book going, Mallory?
Mallory: shhhhhh
"shhh," he interrupted softly, nuzzling her lips. "It's all right. I just realized that all my life I've wanted to kiss a tall woman wearing moonlight and fragile golden bells. One kiss, and I'll let you go."

Belle: I wonder what that is up there next to the moon?

Esther's favorite hobby is gaming (as we discovered earlier).
Here, she joins other gaming folk to play Wake the Llama.

RoseMarie and Faith love their sports.

RoseMarie: I am SO STRONG, don't you think, Faith?

Belle has her first kiss! (that's jock-boy Max Flexor)
(shhhh, don't tell Aeric or Eric, neither will be too happy)

Psycho Red Hat: Get up off your tub tanker ass and do some exercise!
Braxton: I'm eating my breakfast.
Psycho Red Hat: You little scumbag! I got your name, I got your ass! You will not laugh, you will not cry, you will learn by the number, I will teach you! Now get up! Get on your feet!

Psycho Red Hat: Were you born fat, slimy, scumbag puke co-ed, or did you have to work on it?
Braxton: I am at the top of the fit grid, what's your malfunction!?

Senior Photo Time
Esther, Faith, Braxton and Mallory

*tear* ah, they've come so far from their freshman days. *sniffle*
It makes Sim Goddess Tina happy to see them ready to face their adult life.

Siblings: Esther and IanJr

The full house

Time for Belle to get a makeover. I liked this cut better and since I rule this world, it's may way.

Brothers Bastion and Braxton head out on a hike. Their favorite hobby is nature.
(and they get chased by bees all the time - tee hee hee)

Well, Esther, it's your last day at University, what are you gonna do?
Esther: I always start with a nutritious breakfast, which I am making now.
me: great! I love cereal!

Time for Mallory to get a makeover. I liked this one (it was more adult) but it didn't last long, as you'll see.

Esther's graduation party
me: Esther, who is this?
Esther: my boyfriend. Hi, you hooked me up with him!
me: oh I did?
Well, we'll have to keep this one in suspense - as one of the next chapter's surprises, won't we?

Oh, look! Aren Bigfoot made it to the party!

FIREWORKS! woot-woot!

Esther: it's already time for me to move on in life?

Esther: Shake your bon-bon

Esther: shake, shake, shake - shake my bootie

Esther: suh-weet! I am HOT!

Esther: seriously, I rock!

Esther: chauffeur, let's go home.

RoseMarie gets a makeover as she heads into her senior year.

Faith: I love basketball
me: yeah, but I want you to grow up
Faith: eh, maybe later
she totally ignored my demand that she grow up.
It cancelling itself from her queue.

Time to give the co-eds make overs as they pass by the house.
Belle starts this new tradition.

It's not much help! Poor fugly guy, nothing can help you!

me: Bastion, you're turn to grow up!
Bastion: all right, all right. Fine.
(notice Faith in the background. We'll run into that red headed chick later)

Bastion: Growing up made me, like, no inches taller than you, Goth Chick

Mallory has a rushed growing up session.
Mallory: like this, Sim Godess Tina?
me: exactly like that.

me: Faith! Grow up already!
Faith: I'm gettin' jiggy with it, it's all under control, mellow yourself out.

So our seniors are now adults and move back home to begin their lives and carry on their legacies.

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