Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sandy LisonB Legacy Cha 1.5 Short Chapter

Well, here we are in some po-dunk little Mayberry-like town. The vacation has come to an end and this is the shortest chapter EVER in Sim Goddess Tina's history.

IanJr: *crickets*
Esther: so, like, this has been fun.
IanJr: yeah. I'm gonna miss you when you go off to college.
Esther: well, it will be a short time before you join up with me.
me: *tear* sadness.

Time to go home.
IanJr: Door, open.
Esther: you have to actually open it.

Sandy: Open sesame.
me: like mother, like son.

Ian: You pull on this handle and pull the door back.
Sandy: like this?
Ian: exactly.
Sandy: this is what happens when Sim Goddess Tina makes all the arrangements all my life.

Big Foot made it and is now part of the family.

Big Foot: My name is Arlen.
me: I'm just narrating for the folks at home. Chill out.
Arlen: well, I'm no different than you.
me: well, actually you are, but . . . . .

Esther has left for college and Sandy and Ian are kinda bored.
Ian: look at the dust particles falling from the ceiling.
Sandy: huuuuuummmm

Like I said: SHORT CHAPTER. but the heirs are in college, so we'll catch up to them there: Heir's at University Year 1

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