Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sandy LisonB Legacy Chapter 1.1

This legacy begins right after Sandy completed University. I didn't let Ian finish his education (it takes too long!) Too bad for Ian – he had that unhappy memory in his thought bubbles for ever!

Sandy’s eager to begin her legacy and it’s a good thing Ian will do anything to please her.

The Proposal spam:

Ian: check out the sparkly, glowy ring - please, please, please marry me?
me: Ian, that's right! Beg for her to love you! Crawl on ground, too!

Sandy: oh the ring is so beautiful. It'll be the envy of all who behold it!
me: what?

The wedding day:
um, this is where the 'I do' is said.

Ian: I'm scared of being in a legacy.

Sandy: oh, get over it and behold my beauty.

Cake Cutting Time:

No cake smashing. Damn your love and mutual respect!

The wedding cake is enjoyed with Atina and Aeric who are the only two guests.
(by the way: Atina is pregnant with Bastion - she's just not showing yet - but she was in the bathroom more often than not)

Now that's the way to have wedding entertainment! Game on!

Wedding Fireworks (and not the kind in the bedroom, either. *Bah-dum*)

Sandy and Atina hug and Atina wishes the best for Sandy's legacy as it begins.
Aeric gives Ian this warning: If you hurt Sandy I'll kill you! They won't find your body!
Ian: :o *gulp*

Sandy: yeah, we're alone!
Ian: I swear that I won't hurt her!
me: you better not...I'll back Aeric's play and kill you myself - with fire!

By the way, Sandy's last name is now McAuley, but the legacy will remain as LisonB.

The honeymoon is over - and we see the first bump of a 'special' condition

Nothing really happens to make the days between bumps really all that exciting. So here's Bump #2

Labor begins in the middle of the night.

Sandy: I'm in serious MF-ing pain, here!

Ian sleeps on - and has the audacity to be unhappy with Sandy's screaming
Me: Ian! This is warning #1! Get your ass out of bed!

Ian heeds the warning and greets Esther. By they way: meet Esther McAuley

Ian: I won't wash my hands of you. I promise to love you.
Me: that's what I want to hear.

As with all nannies, this one was terrible. She stalked Esther for hours in that crib.

I had hope that she might be good when she finally fed Esther.

But she dumped Esther and the bottle on the ground. You are SO fired!

Here we end this chapter. When we rejoin this family, Esther will grow up and possibly a 2nd child will enter the family.


aquatami said...

I'm feeling sorry for Ian but I don't know why.

Great start on your legacies.

T.Irwin said...

aquatami: thanks for the comment. I actually have ended up really liking Ian's character. He's a clean sim and I think a nice guy, but it took me a few days of playing to really get there.

suzie sim said...

rotf!! Fire the gawdawful Nanny!! XD They're all evil old women!

Poor Ian - I don't blame him for having doubts really. Rushed through Uni before he's done, and pushed headfirst into a Legacy? It's rough work being Gen 0! :)

But I love Sandy's 'tude~! *claps* "behold my beauty" rotf!! Is she based on someone you know?!