Monday, October 13, 2008

Cha 2.8 We Need A Butler

Welcome back to the Aeric/Atina Legacy. Let's get started.

When last we left the family, Clarissa was getting ready to become a teenie bopper!
Aeric: Yeah! Yippee!

Christina: woot! woot!
Bastion: Go Clarissa!

Atina: Um, Evan could you move aside so I can watch?

me: I guess not
Evan & Atina: woot! woot!

Don't forget Mallory (you hugging floozy!)
Mallory: woopity doo!

Clarissa: Hey, Grandpa Aeric, is it safe to grow up?
Aeric: I'm here to protect you.
me: of course, you are.

Clarissa: whhhooooooo

ooooo! Sparklies!

Teenage Clarissa!
Christina admires her older sister.
Aeric watches his granddaughter.

Clarissa gets a makeover.

She could make an evil looking bitch, can't she?
Don't cross her path.
I don't have her stats with me - her LTW and aspiration will be updated later.

Let's check in on Braxton's family, shall we?

Atina goes over to the new apartment for a visit.
RoseMarie welcomes her mother-in-law over.

Sylviana brings home some random kid from school and they play SSX Tricky.

Blue Shirt Kid: Did you know that robots are controlling our elected officials?

Sylviana: Robots!? Whatever! Our officials are just dirty officials is all!

Sylviana takes in one of the last days of fall on the swings.

Braxton: make my bed? AWESOME!

Saturdays, the land-lady comes by and makes burgers for the tenants.

Yup, autumn came to an abrupt end with the falling snow!
Sylviana gets her first vision of the white stuff.

Sylviana goes to school.

Braxton: Hey Belle, look over there!

Belle: I don't see anything. . . .

Braxton: how about NOW!?

Braxton: Gotya!

Belle: ha ha ha ha ha - now you're gonna get WHITE WASHED!

me: hey, before you guys go, look here, I want a picture!

Ha ha ha - funny kids, but
let's get back to the Aeric and Atina family. . . .

Mallory (our hugging floozy) meets a vampire and would like some True Blood action, but I'm not about to do that tonight.

Bright and early, on her 1st day of high school, Clarissa smustles around her bedroom.

Portrait: Atina

Portrait: Aeric

Cuddling under the clouds - cute old Atina and Aeric.

Christina: does the Cow Plant want some beef!?

Christina: tell me...tell me you want some beef....

Clarissa's first day of high school - she looks a little excited.

Still smiling...that's a good sign, right?

Christina still hates to do homework - not that that's unusual.

The girls go fishing with their grandma Atina.

Clarissa: our food has stars floating above it, is it safe to eat?
Christina: who cares!? it's good.

Clarissa: :o *gasp* Slow down, Chrissy

Christina: what? it's good.

Christina: *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom*

Bastion maxes out his mechanical skills - and is almost done maxing out all skills.

Bastion: *SMILES* Sim Goddess Tina, you can see my family is doing very well.
me: well, what would you like to do next?
Bastion: get a butler and the girls into private school.
me: that's not asking for much, now is it?
Bastion: well, then do it, SGT.
me: we'll see..... until next time.

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This is a really great legacy story, keep up the good work!