Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cha 2.4 Stormy Times

Last chapter in the Evan Irwin Legacy:
1. Faith and IanJr were married
2. Evan walked in on the nuptials and gave his blessings
(with some hesitancy)
3. Faith had her baby. Make that TWINS: Charity and Chastity
4. Ian maxed out his body points
5. The family moved on through life.

We rejoin this family at the twins birthday party.

IanJr helps Charity, who bursts out wearing this horrendous boyish tuxedo.
(what, does it run in the family?)

Charity: ::please get me out of this tux::

Faith helps Chastity into toddlerhood.

Chastity: ::I'm so happy!::

Kirsten looks appalled.
Kirsten: what!? black hair!?

Chastity in her crib, waking up.

She's a happy toddler

Charity wakes up and wipes her sad little eyes . . . .

. . . . then screams!
interpreted: get me out of this prison, bitches!

OH it's a SAD day!!!

Kirsten: WAIL! don't do this!
Evan: stay strong, Evan, stay strong.

The Grim comes to take Hope to heavenly fields.
me: Oh, trust me, Kirsten, I understand those tears. Especially today.

Hope: grrrrrrrrrrrr

Hope lies next to Chase in a special backyard pet cemetery

Kirsten teaches Charity to walk
Kirsten: glowing kids learn to walk faster so let's get that surging through your veins.

Evan teaches Chastity to walk using the same technique.

I decide to get the family another dog.
We call Simsville Pet Adoption center and they delivered Stormy, an elderly dog who needed rescuing.

IanJr returns home from work as General McAuley
::Handsome General McAuley::

Kirsten harvests her special Boost-Your-Mood plants.
me: so how does it work, exactly?
Kirsten: well, you grow these under special lamps, you see. Then when they're ready, you harvest them, dry them, crush them, roll them in paper and smoke it.
me: hey! We have something similar in Sim Goddess Tina's world, too.

Charity (in pink) looks across the room at her sad sister Chastity

Chastity (in yellow) looks back at her tearful sister Charity

Chastity is still good. She sits and waits.

me: so that nose carried on to live in another generation, did it? UGH!
me: keep your pants on, Old Man, it's my observation.
Evan: well, you leave her alone.

IanJr: Come!





me: ::smiles::
IanJr: Stormy, Come here!
It's a mad skillin' party in the background.

Faith: mmmm, these Oven Tarts smell good.
me: aren't they pop-tarts?
Faith: they came out of the oven, didn't they?
me: I guess.
Faith: wanna fight about it, Sim Goddess Tina? I'll kick your aysssss!

A day in the life of Stormy:
Kirsten: Stormy, harmonize with this.

Evan: Stomp, stomp, stomp

Aeric comes over for a visit.

Aeric: So this alien ship comes a SECOND time and I get sucked into it and when I get there, they take me to their leader, Shuinoinkwe, that was his name. And when they take me to see him, I go in kicking and screaming and one kick lands PERFECTLY on his over sized green head and he can no longer communicate telepathically to the other aliens and they think I did it on purpose, which, of course, I did, so they tell me they'll take me back without probing me as long as I never contact them again. But I've decided to leave a special book of instructions for later generations to go back up there and remind them of that day.
Evan: that sounds a bit fantastical.
me: that's most you've said all legacy, Aeric.

Charity gives big loves to Stormy.

Chastity and Charity draw together (still skillin')

Evan teaches Stormy how to play dead

This is where we leave this their lives as simmies do. Thanks for reading.

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