Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Aeric & Atina Legacy Chapter 1.1

We left the last chapter with everybody graduating from University and moving into Adult life. I'm eager to get the families started, so I jump right into marriage and kids. We'll start with the Aeric and Atina Legacy
We start with the wedding. Not many friends are invited - in fact we leave this as a very intimate wedding with the two family members as the guests.
The Guests: Evan and Sandy

Wedding Ceremony - The I Do's and I love you's forever and ever

Let's drink to Atina. Atina's Awesome! Yeah! (I love that they all think of her in a sweater and not the wedding gown)

Cake Cutting Spam

no smooshing of cake in the face (isn't that funny!? Atina, you Weirdo!)

The limo arrives to drive the happy couple around the block and back again.

Must be a honeymoon baby - First bump (awesome maternity clothes!)

2nd bump - Check out the unfinished painting

Generation 1 arrives

Tina: Oh the pain!

Tina: No really, it hurts!

Aeric arrives AFTER the baby is born to cheer.

Meet Bastion Irwin

Aeric greets his new little man

Aeric likes to spend time with Bastion - here we catch him bathing Bastion.

Birthday time - Atina holds baby Bastion

Bastion as a toddler

The painting is unfinished, so I send Atina to get over there and complete the painting

So, Atina is pregnant again, now.
Sure, Atina, just stare into the space while Bastion waits to be held - great Momming!

Here we end this chapter. We’ll find out about the 2nd kid – Boy? Girl?

Aeric & Atina will move their family right along.


Kirsten said...

This is so much fun to read. I look forward to more chapters.

aquatami said...

Love your writing style. Simple and to the point. You weren't kidding either. You went straight to the baby making. Excellent.

suzie sim said...

hehe - nothing like a quick, simple wedding, huh? :) fyi - If you want your guests to 'think' of the bride in her outfit, have her change into the dress first & then go to a mirror to "Change Apearance" Her thumbnail should change to the wedding outfit & that's what they'll all cheer for!
*giggles* silly sims!
Congrats on the growing family - it looks like they're holding up very well!