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University Generation2 Year2

When we last left our Three Legacies, our heirs were just completing their freshman (newbie) year at Simmington University. They each eagerly await a move to a house (rather than the loud and stuffy dorms) and for their new housemates (their family members). What will await the incoming class of freshman!?

Well, we start with the Aeric & Atina Legacy. If you remember, Belle was sneaking off with friends. I thought for sure she'd be brought home by the po-po like Faith . . . .

. . . but our Belle is a good kid and stayed away from the bad people!
(cuz, they're a bad influence)

In a normal day at the Irwin household, we'll find Aeric in the garden.
Here he's harvesting oranges for juice.
me: how are they Aeric?
Aeric: they are good (not great) but good. They'll do.

Now that we have the well, I was curious. . . .
I mean, Aeric was curious to know if the water would have any affect on him.

Let's watch and find out.

Aeric: fresh water. mmmmmmm.

me: Aeric, are you okay *waits with an evil smile for some dreadful transformation*
Aeric: I feel refreshed. Thanks for helping us get this well, Sim Goddess Tina.
me: THAT'S IT! No reaction!?!? booooooooo!

Atina: So, Braxton, are you packed for college?
Braxton: Almost.
Belle: are you nervous to be a greenie? to be a FRESHHHHHHHMAAANNNNNN!?!?
Braxton: *gulp* It will be fun!

Atina walking through her garden. Sim Goddess Tina would like to look like her Sim Self.

Making juice.
me: Hey! Sim Goddess Tina does that eyebrow raise thing too!
Atina: do you always talk about yourself in the 3rd person?
me: drink your juice, Beee-otch!

Braxton heads off to college.
me: I'll see you there!

Back at the Sandy LisonB Legacy . . .
we catch up with Sandy and Ian just before they have their last birthday.
Sandy: Are you ready for this?
Ian: If you are, I am!
IanJr: College Acceptance Dude, I want a scholarship! What do I qualify for?

Sandy: Here
Ian: we
Sandy and Ian: GOOOOOOO!
IanJr: I cannot wait to get outta this crazy house!

Sandy: ooooooooooh, look at all the pretty stars!
Ian: you get one for each day of your life, you know.
me: really?
IanJr: Sim Goddess Tina, you are so gullible.
me: whatever, kid, I control you.

Cute Sandy and Ian seniors!

No really! Cute Sandy and Ian seniors!

Aren makes a fare-thee-well dinner for IanJr.
Aren: I'm making your favorites! Hotdogs! (I really want to make lobster, but Sim Godess Tina keeps stopping me)
Seriously, if you let him have ONE free moment, Aren will head right to the fridge and make lobster - constantly! Even when he's not hungry!

me: you're looking nervous, IanJr
IanJr: no, I'm just waiting for my hotdogs, dude!

After dinner, IanJr heads off to catch his cab. Good luck IanJr! No wait, I'll be there to make sure you do EXACTLY what I want you to do.
IanJr: Oh, great! I look forward to it.
me: do I hear sarcasm?

Simmington University Year 2
Sophmores: Bastion, Faith, Esther and Mallory
Incoming freshman: Braxton and IanJr (and introducing RoseMarie Forgot-Her-Last-Name)

me: Hello, freshman RoseMarie! Welcome! I look forward to incorporating you into the future of this family!
RoseMarie: I'm here for the scholarships.
me: little do you know what I have in store for you *wink* *wink*
Braxton and RoseMarie hit it off almost instantly. All I needed was to guide them into a flirt and then came kisses and floating hearts.

Esther introduces IanJr (her brother) and Braxton (her cousin) to her favorite free time past time: "blowing bubbles"

Esther: if you just let go, you start to float higher and higher.
IanJr: LOOK! I'm doing it!!

Bastion is initiated into the Secret Society by Brian Ng (how do you say that name, anyway?)
Brian: cluck, cluck, cluck, cocka-doodle-cluck!
Bastion: what the . . . !?

Mallory Kosmokos greets Bastion at the Secret Society "house" (More like castle)
Mallory: woohoo! I don't know you, but I'm excited to have your here!

Date night for Braxton and RoseMarie consists of playing pool at the commons.

Silly Nicole Charvat joins the game. Way to ruin DATE NIGHT, Nicole. Get your own date!

More initiations. Esther's turn.
Vamsy Raymond is an agressive little bitch!

See? She's yellin' and stuff!

Mallory Kosmokos is the side walk greeter again!

Esther: that mean stupid bitch Vamsy! I'll show them!
I loved this autonomous playing and her face is priceless!! I love you, Esther!

Esther: glug-iddy, glug! I'm dancing in the secret society bath tub - neener neener neener!

Braxton proposes to RoseMarie.
Wowe! That was fast! Braxton, when you fall in love, you really fall!

Hanging out in the side yard.
Here we find: Mallory (remember her?), Braxton, RoseMarie and Faith.

Hanging out leads to a water fight:

Faith's turn to be initiated. Stupid Vamsy shows up AGAIN! She's a scary individual!

This time Bruce Hogan (perfect for a fuglecy) and Brian Ng greet Faith at the sidewalk.
Bruce: woohoo! A hot blonde chick is here to join us!
Brian: *jump* *jump* *jump*

Faith: mellow out boys, Sims Goddess Tina has better plans for me than either of you two will ever see.

End of the Year portrait:
Sophmores in the back: Faith, Esther, Mallory and Bastion
Freshman in front: RoseMarie, IanJr and Braxton.

Bastion FINALLY proposes to Mallory

Year end Smustling in the living room!!

Wow! University takes FOREVER! I'm not sure I want to do this after this generation. But I love the benefit of having a bigger wants panel AND saving more than one at a time. So we'll see when I get there.

Next time, Aeric and Atina will see their adult life phase into elderhood and Belle will join the crew here at Simmington University.

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