Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evan Irwin Legacy Chapter 1.1

We last saw Evan while in University staring into space while being robbed. After leaving University, he and Kirsten moved in together immediately. Given their real life history, I helped them make the decision to get engaged.

The proposal spam:

Whoa, Kirsten is most pleased! Be careful, Kirsten, you'll break his arms off!

The wedding - exchanging of vows - It's the only picutre I have :(
Good thing I got a picture ‘cause it’s the only time we see Evan in that suit!
Evan: Stare, stare, stare

The cake cutting took forever because Evan just up and disapeared after the ceremony. When he reappeared for his cake, he had changed out of his wedding suit! (not unlike the real Evan, I'd say).

Kirsten keeps her tiara on after the ceremony - she want’s to extend that princess day as long as she can (and who wouldn't!?)

Evan joins Kirsten in the limo.
In the back ground Atina leaves the wedding ceremony - The only proof I have that there were guests at this wedding.

The "new" family car. A taxi just won’t do when you have a kid on the way.
What!? A kid on the way?

Kirsten's evidence of pregnancy. The only picture I have - I missed the bumps altogether :(

Labor begins - it never looks like a pleasant experience in real life and the simmies hate it just as much.
Kirsten: I have a newspaper ready because there are no hospitals in this world.
(You can work as a doctor, but can't see one for health reasons.)

Evan is thrilled to meet Faith who is a spitting image of Kirsten.
Evan: Daddy's little squirt!

Faith is left on the rug - apparently she's just too stinky to pick up!
Faith: Waaaaaaahhhhhhh! Waaaaahahhhhhhh! (interpreted: pick me up, Bitches - I need a bath, or a diaper change. These green fumes are choking me!)

Meet Chase. Isn't he cute!? Yeah, I didn't want to make him as big as the real Chase (who stands taller than me).

Evan collects Faith and changes her diaper - he was the one who constantly autonomously would take care of her. (not unlike Aeric in the Aeric and Atina legacy)

Kirsten bathes Chase. It looks like Chase is memorizing her face - could it be for revenge?
Chase: I know where you sleep, woman, and I'll get you for this invasion of privacy!

Faith loves her one and only toy - her talking rabbit.

Evan wants another dog. For days and days it was his want, so he heads off to the animal shelter. (not unlike real life, eh?) . . . .

. . . .and returns with Hope.

Yeah, so the car disappeared while driving home, so I got this picture: the picture says it all....Hope Floats

Faith smothers, I mean loves her new dog - poor Hope doesn't look impressed.
Hope: Grrrrrrrrr, get this kid away from me, grrrrrrrrr

Look! It's the Evan Irwin family.

Here we end this lovely chapter of time. On our next journey, we’ll watch Faith grow up into a hottie teen and see the dogs and their puppies - yes, puppies. And will the Irwin’s move?


Kirsten said...

This is so great!! I love it. I actually laughed out loud a few times.

aquatami said...

I usually skip all that wedding stuff. My simmies are frequently married in their undies in the bathroom.

Again, great post. I understand a lack of pics. There are just more important things to do.

suzie sim said...

Bwuahhahaaaha! Hope does Float! *grins* you're cracking me UP! XD

Ok, Evan's GOT to be a brother or BIL in real life, because that's the way I would talk about my brother! lol - the only time we'll see him in that suit! :DD
(way to hold on to that tiara Kirsten! you just keep that as long as you can!lol)

I love the toddlers & pets interactions - it almost makes it worth the trouble of having the durn creatures!! (err, the pets that is!) ;)