Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sandy LisonB Legacy Cha 3.1 Aribeth In Charge

Here we are again! This time we visit the Sandy LisonB legacy...Aribeth is the heir, so let's see how she's doing.

Reminder stats:
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Wealth
Turn On #1: Logical
Turn On #2: Mechanical
Turn Off: Cologne
LTW: Earn $100,000
Hobby: Nature
Badge: Bronze gardening
Sloppy: 3
Shy: 4
Active: 9
Playful: 7
Grouchy: 4

I hadn't planned on Aribeth being the heir, so I hadn't prepared her with boys and such, so first thing, I sent her out into the wide world of boys.

Bachelor #1: listen....Look at the time....I get to get going.....

Aribeth: Coffee chick, do you know any eligible (preferably rich) boys?
Coffee Chick: *stare*

Bachelor #2 seems interested....he looks like he might make some monies, so it could work...

Until we see the nose.
Aribeth: *don't stare* *don't stare* *don't stare*
It seriously reminded me of:
Do you remember this creepy guy?

Bachelor #3 prefers that's out.

Aribeth: a friend from college. Yeah!
Bachelor #4:!

Bachelor #1 swings by the house.
Bachelor #1: hey baby, you're looking red HAWT!

Aribeth: so, Bachelor #1, how did you do in school as a kid?
Neil: Good one.
Bachelor #1: *uh*

Bachelor #1: Hey Baby, I'd like to get with you, what you say to that?
Aribeth: you can't be serious?

Aribeth: Oh! you are serious....tee hee hee
Bachelor #1: *heart* *true love*
me: sad......he's in love and she's laughing at him? He deserves a shot in my book.

Bachelor #1 has a name of: Avri Loeelaporn
(what a name)
Avri: maybe I can wooo her with my mad violin skills.
me: Are you sure you're into girls...the pinky....

Aribeth teaches Esther how to Tai Chi
Aribeth: see. You touch your hand to your toes in the air. Like this.
Esther: leg back.....hands out in front....pretty bird in the sky....
me: LOL!

Neil: check me out! I've reached the top of my career path.

Avri: now that I've wooed you, will you hear me out before you laugh?

Aribeth: *GASP* OMG! What's this? I'm so surprised!

Aribeth: the ring is so much prettier this time!

Aribeth: I will marry you.
Avri: how about right now?


Every one has changed.

Guests invited and arriving.

Esther: you look like a bride...hugs for you!

Here comes the bride.

Guest: Sylviana

Guests: Christina and Clarissa

Guests: Brothers, Demetrius and Darius

Guest: (cousins) Charity (left) and Chastity (right)

Guest: (uncle) IanJr and Aren

Dad: Neil; Mom: Esther.
No family for Avri.

Marriage Spam-a-lot:

Fireworks always raises the party score, so here's the token fireworks.
Avri is waiting in the wing with his dust pan.


Baby Making Time

Aren: ...he's a cop, so he's gotta be educated.

Aren: and I think he can make chili.
Esther: he's a cop....but I'm a villain. Do you think he'll notice my villain outfit?

Aribeth: nom nom nom.....
me: whoa! That's some good eatin'

Aribeth: check me out...I'm wearing a suit for my job.

Oh, not any more.
Bump #1.

Avri and Neil,shootin' some hoops.

Sad...Esther and Neil are in their last moments as adults.

Neil: since we're about to be elders, let's get it on!
Esther: mmmmmhmhmhhhh

Neil & Esther: what the shit is happening to us?
note: Aribeth pops her #2 pop

Bump #2

Aribeth: I'm craving some of Grandma's soup.

Esther: I'm a cute little elder.
me: you look just like your mom.....weird.

Whoa! I think Aren has lost a few marbles in his elder-hood.
Aren:'re right, a seagull is not a tree friendly bird.

Neil challenges Avri to a game of chess.

Esther can't give up her gaming...
Esther: run you down....that's what I'll do...
me: fierce!

Esther: baby bump....I remember when I was prego with you, Aribeth.

Aribeth: eeerrrrrrrrrr!

Aribeth: You did this to me!

Avri: push 'im out, push 'im out, way out!

Esther: I'm so nervous
Aren: I don't want to see an alien again....

Aribeth: here it comes....whroooooo

Aribeth: Nooboo! mu-wah!

all: BABY!
Aribeth: *stare* uh, yeah...that's what I've been trying to tell you guys.

Welcome Orbit - Generation 4
Sign: Gemini
Sloppy: 4
Outgoing: 10
Active: 9
Serious: 4
Grouchy: 1

Even though Neil missed the drama, he's happy to be a grandpa.

Neil: I'm you grandpa
Orbit: *lip quiver*

Aribeth: Orbit!

Avri Stats:
Sign: Leo
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Hobby: Music & Dance
Sloppy: 4
Outgoing: 10
Lazy: 3
Serious: 4
Grouchy: 3