Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cha 2.3 New Beginnings

When we last visited with the Aeric and Atina Legacy:
1. Mallory and Bastion were finishing up their honeymoon.
2. Mallory wrote a smutty novel
3. Mallory and Faith continued their little dispute over PDA
4. Mallory was pregnant
5. Aeric was abducted and not too happy about that.

me: So Atina, how's the car repair going?
Atina: Fricken! Fracken! Filth! Falth! Son'bitch!
Bastion: I - AM - A - GENIUS!
me: look at the big brain on Bastion! He got promoted.

Mallory eats her hamburger in silence, so Sim Goddess Tina would like you to note the lovely Legacy Portraits hanging on the wall.

Mallory: ack! hhhhearrrtburnnnn.

Atina goes shopping for more "senior" clothes.
me: HEY MAXIS! Just cuz they're old, doesn't mean they don't want style!
Atina: Amen, sister!
me: I am your Sim Goddess
Atina: then get us some good clothes!

Atina: You are welcome to join my legacy any time.
Sim Goddess Tina, make a note of her.
me: what's this lovely's name?
Atina: Catalina Chalmers.
me: duly noted.

Mallory's 2nd pop. She's now bursting.
I need to get that cheat that allows pregos to wear anything - cuz these Maxis prego clothes bite!

Aeric searches the skies.
me: Are you sure you want to do this, Aeric?
Aeric: Those rat-bastards aren't on that planet's moon.

Aeric: I will search them out and destroy them! I will make sure they remember my name and fear it always and forever!
me: okay. *backs away slowly*

Atina: there's so much to do. It's just so overwhelming.
me: I can get you another project if you want.
Atina: No. Better not. It helps me bide my time waiting for the grand kiddie.

Atina: tum-tee-tum-tee-tum.
me: it looks like you've got the hang of this stuff.

Aeric: You're watching me eat. You know how much I hate it.
me: oh....uh, enjoy your pasgetti and meatballs, then.

Mallory: yoooooo-hooooooo! Sim Goddess Tina, something's not right.

Mallory: oh, the pain!

Bastion: okay, okay, stay grounded. I can do this.

Mallory: oh, nooboo! Nooboo!

Meet Clarissa Irwin
The first of Generation 3
her stats:
Sign: Sagittarius
She has 0 (that's zero) neat points
Outgoing: 8
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 7
So aside from being a slob, she's fun and playful and should give us hours of entertainment.

Bastion holds his new daughter.
Aeric turns his back on her.
Aeric: No neat points!

I just thought this was a sweet shot of Bastion and Clarissa.

Mallory puts Clarissa to bed. Childbirth was hard on both of them.

Mallory takes this time to read up on What to Expect Now That You've Delivered.
Mallory: Sim Goddess Tina, it says here that babies poop into diapers that have to be changed! Changed! Yuck!

Clarissa is such a cute little infant
Clarissa: goo goo gaa gaa
interpreted: you have no idea how much I'm about to poop for you. I'm a slob remember?

Yup! Here's the first poop changing.
Green rays of poop stench shoot out in all directions.

Minus Aeric, the family all stalk the infant Clarissa
(Aeric's love will come later)
Clarissa: waaaaaaaa waaa waaaaaaaa
Atina: oh, do you want this bottle. Look, it's a little train. chuga-chuga-chugga-choo-choo

Atina: chug a chugga into the baby mouth.

Bastion: Holding Clarissa. Holding Clarissa.

the 2nd diaper change and it's Mallory again.

One thing I don't like about Freetime:
All the interruptions from all the little clubs letting you know that you're doing great. Phone call after phone call and the little visits!
*head on desk*
Here, Gary Garage Guy comes to tell Atina that she's doing great on her car.
So she stops what she's doing to be told that.

Atina: hey thanks, Gary Garage Guy, for interrupting, now let me get back to it.

*hummmmmming* *I'm humming*
me: what'ya doin'? Never mind.

Lullaby! And good night! I heard it!
Another baby is on the way.

This is a typical morning in both worlds:
Aeric gets up with a smile, ready to face the day.
Aeric: *stireeeetch* ah, what a great day to be alive!

and Atina sleeps with a big smile on her face.
Atina: sleeping is great. Wake me up and you WILL die. Painfully.

Aeric has a gold talent badge in gardening, so I make Bastion go out and learn a trick or two.
Bastion: oh, these tomatoes smell nice.

Bath time: Mallory and Clarissa.

Atina is almost done with her car. She paints the finishing touches.

Atina poses with her completed car. Isn't it nice?

Morning sickness for Mallory.
me: See? This is what happens when lullabies chime out.

Bastion paints his Legacy Portrait.

Aeric continues on his vigil to find those aliens.
Aeric: The've gotta be here somewhere.


oh how quickly we forget the lessons of the past.
Aeric: I don't wanna go.....

Bastion runs out to watch with a grin, as his dad hangs on for dear life with weak elderly hands.

Bastion: give 'em hell, Dad.

Aeric: It's payback time, Bitches!
me: not in that position, it's not.

Some time later:

Aeric: heh, heh. They've now learned what it means to cross my path.

So we end where we started. Sort of.

Next time, we'll see what shocked Sim Goddess Tina most since she began creating Simmies. And we'll catch up on the rest of the gang: Braxton and Belle.

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