Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gen3 Univ Yr3 A Junior's Junior

Finally! We got the Wii for Christmas and it's been hard to do anything else in my limited gaming time. BUT, I finally played my poor little simmies so here's the junior year for generation 3.

First off: the yearly makeovers.
Sign: Sagittarius
LTW: Earn $100,000
College Degree in the making: Art
Aspiration: Wealth
Turn On: Logical & Mechanical skills
Turn Off: Cologne

Darius (twin to Demetrius)
Sign: Sagittarius
LTW: Become a Prestidigitator (uh, that's entertainment)
College Degree in the making: Drama
Aspiration: Wealth
Turn On: Charisma & Athletic skills
Turn Off: Hats

Demetrius (twin to Darius)
Sign: Sagittarius
LTW: Become Education Minister
College Degree in the making: Psychology
Aspiration: Family *yawn*
Turn On: Jewelry & Charisma skill
Turn Off: Stink

Sign: Sagittarius
LTW: Become a Celebrity
College Degree in the making: Art
Aspiration: Pleasure
Turn On: Cooking & Facial Hair
Turn Off: Unemployed

Sign: Sagittarius (another one)
LTW: Become Captain Hero
College Degree in the making: Biology
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn On: Formal Wear & Logic Skills
Turn Off: Unemployed

Charity (twin to Chastity)
Sign: Gemini
LTW: Become the Head of SCIA
College Degree in the making: Economics
Aspiration: Wealth
Turn On: Glasses & Cologne
Turn Off: Swim Suit

Chastity (twin to Charity)
Sign: Gemini
LTW: Become a Game Designer
College Degree in the making: Math
Aspiration: Pleasure
Turn On: Hat & Black Hair
Turn Off: Full Face Makeup

Sign: Scorpio
LTW: Become a City Planner
College Degree in the making: Math
Aspiration: Wealth
Turn On: Hard Worker & Charisma skill
Turn Off: Red Hair

Vince and Chastity eat breakfast together.
At least the pancakes aren't grody and nasty.
Vince: I have something I need to give you...

Chastity: Like, O - MY - GOSH!

Vince: I hope you like it *worry* *worry*

Chastity: Look, Sim Goddess Tina! It's all sparkly!

Vince: *sigh*

The newly engaged couple.
That's right, Demetrius, pretend they aren't in the same room.

Welcome 2009!
Christina starts the festivities with a cup smashing contest.

The party in full swing.

Demetrius: Robin I am so happy nobody from generation 2 picked you...

Demetrius: I have something I want to give you - it's a surprise.
Darius: wait for it.....

Robin: Oh my gosh *giggle* it's all so sudden
Darius: don't freak, babe, you can go see a judge...

Darius: Dude, any thief would be happy with that rock!
Robin: I love it!

Robin: Mines!

The midnight hour has arrived

Charity: Happy New Year!

Darius: hey baby! *hearts* Maxis didn't program the game for me to recognize you as my 2nd cousin, so we could totally hook up later. *hearts*
Christina: *stare*

the crowd welcomes in 2009

Clarissa: *glug* *glug* *glug*
Charity: yo, slow the flow. Leave some for the rest of us.

me: what are you two up to?
Clarissa: we should totally go over there for it....

Clarissa: cuz I'm gonna need space to whoop your ass!

Christina: *gasp*
Clarissa: ha ha ha ha!

Christina: Oh yeah? Take this!

Clarissa: I'm still up by ONE!

Christina: not for long! Eat this.....

Christina: YEAH! how you like them apples!?

Clarissa: brace yourself for the power I bring...


Christina: oh...*gasp*
me: LOL!

Christina: ...stars.....seeing.....woooooo

Elsewhere, we find Sylviana building up some fun.

Sylviana: oh, comeon! I hit that ball!

Darius: So, Chearleader, Jennifer Livingston, I can see us making babies together.

Jennifer: see...
Darius: hear me out. You got a rock solid body, you see...

Jennifer: I totally do.
Darius: And, I'd be all classy and know; take you on a cruise.

Jennifer: like, omg, that sounds like sooo much funn......but...

Jennifer: I don't think so. High five for effort, though.
interpreted: I'm a hard core bitch that will enter your premises anytime, and interrupt your conversations with stupid cheers, but that's the extent of any relationship shot you have with me...tee hee.

me: Raise your hand if you want me to be sure to break that cheerleader's spirit before the 10 generations are up.........

Demetrius, tinkering fan, is out of his element catching butterflies.

What would this entry be without more of our friend, the bubble machine.
Aribeth: ...cuz, you shud uh seen it...cuz, like, it was.......*snicker*

Sylviana: ...whoa; like, I totally was there....and I saw..... *ha ha ha ha*

Charity: I totally feel like I'm floating...light as a bubble.....*snicker*

Demetrius: that's pretty silly....light as a feather....*giggle*

Oh, look, it's the newly engaged couple Chastity and Vince.

So this is the face Chastity made when I suggested she go sit on the hammock...
Chastity: um, so, Sim Goddess Tina, what are you going to do?

Vince: I have an idea what Sim Goddess Tina is trying to set up, here.
Chastity: I gotta make sure this hammock is perfectly straight.

Chastity: Hey Vince, come here....

That's right, it's woohoo time for these two.
Vince gets ready to jump in.

And there he goes....what a champion.

Chastity seeing stars...

Vince: that was awesome! Totally cool.

alright, Cow, this sneaking can't be good....

Of course....
Cow: watch this.

me: what? watch you get all soaked?

Cow: that was so clever of me....

Clarissa: get out of here you, Cow! I hate you!

Charity: Hey, Sim Goddess Tina, how you doin'?

me: Sylviana, that was, like, eons ago. You were a like, 15 days ago.

Clarissa: no, no; don't catch me, or anything...I like being all sexy with you and then being dropped when I leap into your, don't catch me.
Whoa! What have we here?

Young love. Christina and who?
Christina: Sim Goddess Tina, this is Johnston. I met him at the New Years Eve party. You must have seen him there.
me: I'll double check those pics. (yup, sure enough)

Skillin together in the common room

Chastity: This tube totally reminds me of a snake......there's that word again: tube. tooooob. tooooooooob. ha ha ha ha!

Sylviana: that word doesn't make me laugh as hard anymore. It's slowly killin' my buzz.

Charity: I'm totally flying away here....ha ha ha ha...see those bubbles..bubbbbbllls?

Christina: I see bubbles, too....bubbles.....bubbbbbbles......

We end the junior year with a basket ball game between Charity and Chastity:

Granny shot

She shoots, she scores!
SO, next time I will have my heirs selected. If you feel strongly about one, let me know, cuz otherwise, I'm pickin'.

The Aeric/Atina Legacy contenders: Clarissa or Christina
The Evan Irwin Legacy contenders: Charity or Chastity
The Sandy LisonB Legacy contenders: Aribeth, Darius or Demetrius.

Sylviana doesn't get to compete for heir; (Sylviana: thank godness! I don't wanna be a baby making machine)


The Lunar Fox said...

I like Charity, but that could just be because she was so cute when she was showing off her ring. XD

Also, the Wii rocks. I love my Wii. (That always sounds so bad. It's worse when friends are like, "Hey, let's play with Nina's Wii. *wink wink giggle*")

Jenn said...

I found your blog the other day while browsing for Sims fanatics and had so much fun reading it. The Christmas Story reference in the last entry had me laughing for, like, a minute straight.

Christina is my favorite.
She's the prettiest and funniest (I love the way you write about her), so she gets my vote for heir.