Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chapter 2.1 Welcome Home, Now Procreate!

Welcome back to my Simmies the Aeric and Atina Legacy. We finally begin the tale of the 2nd generation of this legacy.

Let's play catch up on the critical stats:

Founder 1: Aeric Irwin
Sign: Virgo
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Max out 7 skills (done and he is now PERMA-Platinum)
Degree: Physics
Turn on #1: Make up
Turn on #2: Black hair
Turn off: Stink
Hobby of Choice: Science

Founder 2: Atina LisonB-Irwin
Sign: Cancer
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary (check)
Degree: Biology
Turn on #1: Cologne
Turn on #2:Fitness
Turn off: Facial Hair
Hobby of Choice: Tinkering

I bore easily of the houses I create, so I created another one for this family. It's bigger than I meant it to be, but it was a whole lot of work and I am not willing to rebuild. Lucky for me, the family could afford it (most of the rooms are empty - we can't afford the furniture, yet).

Here we have the front view:

And the back view:
Bastion brings home his fiance: Mallory Mazza from college.

Sim Goddess Tina is eager to move the generations along, so lets get these guys married!

Ahhhh, isn't that sweet - young love!

Bastion: I promise to love you forever and ever!

Here are some of the guests (most are family but there are a few from college)
Esther: dude, my hands are aching. I graduate from college and now spend my free time playing video games.
Belle: I cannot wait to get done!
Faith: *stare* Belle, you are in my seat, I like that seat, I want that seat *stalk*

Everyone looks happy for the couple.

Bastion: with this ring, I thee wed
Mallory: heeeeeeee. . . .


Aeric: Atina, did you hear that Esther, here, graduated at the top of her class with Bastion?

Random Hat Guest: nom, nom, nom! I love this cake. I like getting fat so I'll eat some more. nom, nom, nom!
Mallory: *I don't remember inviting this crazy random hat lady*

Look at crazy old RoseMarie!!
Look at all those loony-bin expressions!
And what is Blond-Rich-Snob-Never-Nice-To-Anybody doing here????

Thank goodness that stress is over.
Let's get to the honeymoon and the baby making, I mean,

Bastion checks into the hotel.
Bastion: Good thing Mom and Dad have money to send us here.

me: Okay, here's the plan - I'm going to turn my head and when I come back we'll get on with the honeymoon....

Moving on - Let's get the critical stats:

Generation 2 Heir: Bastion Irwin
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Degree: Philosophy
Turn on #1: Red Hair
Turn on #2: Cologne
Turn off: Glasses
Hobby of Choice: Nature
Wife/Spouse: Mallory Mazza-Irwin
Sign: Aquarius
Aspiration 1: Family
Aspiration 2: Fortune
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Degree: Psychology
Turn on #1: Underwear
Turn on #2: Black Hair
Turn off: Fatness
Hobby of Choice: Film & Literature

Here we find the two love birds learning to hula . . . .

What do you want me to do?
Dress in drag and do the hula!?
If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat,
eat my buddy Pumba here, because he is a treat.

Oh, I'm sorry. The hula got me all distracted.....

Bastion: What ya doin' Mal?
Mallory: Looking for stars.
Bastion: I'll show you stars . . . .

Bastion: woo-hoo!

Mallory: ooooooh, pretty stars.

Bastion learns stone massage techniques.
But I want you to notice the blond in the back ground-way off to the left.
Do you see him there, enjoying that nice soak in the hot springs?

I wasn't lucky enough to get the shot, but here he's JUST been hit by lightening!

Lightening Boy: HOLY SH#*T! What in the sam-hell was that!?
me: LOL! Go home and take a shower, kid, ya stink!

Mallory: Excuse me, sir, can I order a Pineapple surprise?
Psycho Cook Man: erh? me?

Psycho Cook Man: I'll give you a Pineapple surprise. You're lucky I don't pineapple slap you right here and now!

Mallory: tlup....this tastes. . . . yummy.....plurp

Mallorya and Bastion find a map on one of their expeditions and decide to see what they can see.

Mr. Witch Doctor is busy 'working' on his microwave.

Mr. Witch Doctor: Alacazam! I command you to fix my house!
Bastion: I hope that poking this screw driver inside this microwave isn't bad.

Mallory cleans up Mr. Witch Doctor's messy house.
But where has Mr. Witch Doctor disappeared to?

Oh, he's outside 'waiting' for someone else to do the work.
Sup with that?

me: Mallory, why don't you get into the bathroom and see what you can do with that tub.
Mallory: okely-dokely, Sim Goddess Tina.

Mallory: this make me SO MAD!

Bastion: do you think that poking the TV with this screwdriver will work?
me: it worked on the microwave, didn't it?

Bastion: Well, now that we're done, I'll make us a nice mac-n-cheese dinner
Mr. Witch Doctor: How's my house? I'll see for myself. . . . .

Mr. Witch Doctor: ahhhh, the bathtub works great!

Mr. Witch Doctor: The TV gets the best reception. Hey, you kids did a bang up job.
Bastion: where's our reward. We're poor!

Mr. Witch Doctor: Well, here, kid. Let me give you this really heavy voodoo doll
Bastion: ugh! I have to carry this back to the hotel!
Mallory: oooooh, I can't wait to use it!

Mr. Witch Doctor is left to entertain himself - which he promptly does by doing what?

Not watchin the newly repaired TV, oh no! He'll juggle his coffee mugs!
This is where we leave our newly weds: in the middle of their honeymoon.
Will they get home safely to begin their family?

Will Sim Goddess Tina have the patience to wait to find out?

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