Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cha 3.3 Haunt This!

After ANOTHER Sims 2 hiatus (I've been playing but not updating the blog), we re-join the Sandy LisonB Legacy.

Previously: Heir #2, Esther, died in a fire trying to save her fury friend, Aren. After dying, her daughter (heir #3), Aribeth paid the Grim to bring Esther back to life. Now it's payback time from the dead.

We join the family right at the moment I realize I've forgotten ANOTHER birthday. Welcome to toddlerhood, Cole.

Cole being bathed...he looks like such a mean child.
Cole gets a toddler make over and goes to bed

Cole as a toddler

Esther is better prepared for the next time she burns up

Birthday Time
Happy birthday, Orbit

Aribeth: let's put you here to grow up.

Aribeth promptly loses interest.

Orbit: I see stars!
Esther: . . . and then I was burning alive!
me: um, grandson. Growing up behind you

Ugh! It's times like this when I'm glad I'm not playing this game in Apocalypse style! yowsers!

I rush Orbit to the mirror for a make over

Cole skillin'
Ghost Sandy crying that she's dead (from eons ago)

Ghost Sandy: ha ha ha ha ha!
Avri: GHOST! horrible!

Ghost Sandy: BOOOOOO!
Neil: *lip quiver*
tee hee hee! Neil totally soiled himself

LOL! A good memory! how? LOL!

Ghost Sandy: bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha
Aribeth: Ghost Gramma! Red memory!

After a long night of interruptions, Orbit is off to his first day of school.
me: um, Aribeth, turn around and wave good bye.
Orbit: I hate my dad!

Orbit: Hi! I'm Orbit! Orbit Leelaporn!

Orbit: bye Mr. Bus Driver

me: and how was school?
Orbit: *gulp* I don't wanna talk about it

me: oh, well you brought home a friend, it can't be all bad.

Orbit and Dylan (from the Aeric/Atina Legacy) play video games

Orbit makes a funny face while doing his homework

Aribeth working on the drafting table...I just wanted to see how it worked

*sigh* I think we're in for another night of this.
Aren returns in a glowing red color

Orbit was asleep before this moment
Ghost Aren: neener, neener, neener!
Orbit: eeek! I don't have any money! My piggy bank is on the shelf!

Ghost Aren: neener, neener, neener!
Esther: eek! It wasn't my fault that my family wanted me back!

ENOUGH of that!
Off to the cemetery with all of you!
(of course, I reserve the right to bring them back in the future for entertainment value)

me: How was your 2nd day of school?

Orbit: I totally don't get it....

but he brings home another friend (Serenity from the Evan Irwin Legacy)

Serenity: I don't see anything in the clouds like you said, Orbit

Orbit: gotch-ya!
Serenity: cold, cold, cold!

Serenity: You idyot!

Serenity: that was HILARIOUS! Good one!

Okay, it's another Cole bath, but I needed to change the focus back to the rest of the family.

It feels like he's ALWAYS crying....stop crying!

Birthday time!
Let's watch Cole grow up into a real boy!

Neil: tumm-tee-tummm

Cole: . . . a yittle yamb, yittle yamb, yittle yamb...

After waiting for minutes, he finally stood up and began the process....
....but that will all have to wait until next time.

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