Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sandy LisonB Legacy Chapter 1.4

Have you met the LisonB legacy family? If not you've been missing out! Sandy and Atina are sisters - twin sisters! Sandy met her husband Ian in college. When she completed her studies she and Ian were married and began their legacy family.

They have two children: Esther and Ian Jr. Sandy works as a lawyer and Ian works as a . . . I can't remember, an adventurer, I think.

Eshter is now a teenager - a dark and brooding one. Ian Jr is a kid but he's ready to become a teenager with his sister. And that's where we pick up . . .

Poor Ian Jr has a one person only birthday party
IanJr: *humming* one is the loneliest number . . . . hum hum hum

Ian Jr: oh, you all want to join me?
Ian (father): well, I think my wife is hot, so . . .

Ian Jr: Yeah, I cam out pretty hot, huh!

Esther, I need you to call . . . um, well, call someone and chat.
Esther always gives me this look whenever I instruct to make a call. This shot will most definately come up again.

Esther: WTF are you doing in our house, random chick who walked right on in!
Random chick: Well, there was this ghost, you see . . . .
Esther: really a ghost? Do tell me more, I love talking about ghosts!

someone painted this wedding picture - sweet.


I have the family try camping. Why not?
Ian and Esther sit around the camp fire
Ian: pretty flames, huh?
Esther: yup.
Ian: we should tell spooky ghost stories. You like ghosts, don't you?
Esther: nope.

Sandy: Sim Godess Tina, listen to my impersonation!
me: okay, sure
Sandy: Heeeerrrre'ssss Saaaandyyyyyy!
me: uh huh

Ian Jr, what are you doing? Isn't the ground hard to dig up when it's frozen?
Ian Jr: no, not at all. I'm looking for a map.
me: a map?
Ian Jr: yeah, I heard from my trecky friends that if I dig it, I will find it.

I had the family sleep in tents and their comfort levels all went to critical red.
me: WAKE UP! We're moving on RIGHT NOW!
and off they went to a hotel. whew! I saved the day again.

Sandy in a log rolling contest with . . . .

. . . . Esther!
Ian and Ian Jr are in the back ground.

Esther: if you put your arms up like this, you take a wiff and it smells like onions under there...try it.

That's right, sitting in our own onion tub! *smiles all around*

Ian, why are you being so anti social? The other springs with your kids is only 10 Sim feet away!

Esther: I am going to marry a rich sim who will give me pearls on a brown ham looking thing!

Sandy: *crickets*

Ian Jr learns whatever the massage is that is found in this region
Ian Jr: I want to be able to give my lady the most pleasurable massages ever
Massage chick: well, you move your thumb up and down . . .
me: HEY! He's a teenager! But she's right, she'll love that move *wink*

Sandy and Eshter: blppppffffff!

Esther: *through gritting teeth* Hurry up already and take the picture
Ian Jr: By the power of grayskull, I have the power
me: whatever floats your boat, kiddo.

Ian: mu-wah,mu-wah,mu-wah,I am zeeee Frrrrench man and loooove to keeeessss yourrrrr arrrrm
Sandy: oh...sweep me off my feet!

Ian: so you wanna? huh? a quicky?

Sandy: this is our hotel. Nice, huh?
The family piles into a traveling bus to treck into the mountains to see what they can see.

Esther: wanna move into our house with us?
Big Foot: okay. I hate this cabin with barely any of my necessities.
Esther: oh. You can speak so well!
Big Foot: I went to college and you'll find that when I get a job, people give me things just because they like me - expensive things that you can sell . . . . for money.
me: or they're afraid of you. *cough* don't mind me, I'm an observer.

Family portrait (one of my favorites)

Ian: nan-na-na nah na-na
Sandy: Hi ya, Sim Godess Tina
me: you both look posed but it's cute

Sandy: well we'll un-pose and go all natural!
Ian: Keeeesss meee, baby!

Well, then, I'll leave you two to whatever privacy you can find in front of this hotel. When we rejoin this 'shy' couple and their family, we'll finish the vacation and get Esther and Ian into college.

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